Smoothie obsession and a fabulous “rest day.”

I did go to the gym this morning even though my training schedule said “rest day.” I just walked on the treadmill, watched the ripped guys lift weights, and caught the highlights on SportsCentre. It was so weird driving to the gym this morning at 5:20 am and seeing that it was already light out! The sun sure rises early now and I love it! It’s a lot harder getting out of bed in the morning when it is pitch black but now I have more energy when there is so much daylight!

I wore my RunWild race shirt because it is so dang comfortable. I ordered a small but they fit pretty big and I kind of like the loose fit paired with spandex shorts. It is a little hot to run in, but it was great for my turtle-slow 45 minute walk, 30 minute weight lifting session featuring chest and triceps, and 15 minutes of stretching!

My brother and dad have been drinking a smoothie or protein shake every day for months now (years, maybe?) and as of now I think I am on the blender bandwagon. Lately I have been loving smoothies and protein shakes, especially with a vanilla protein powder I am trying. I used to not drink smoothies because I didn’t think they filled me up as much as “real” solid food but I think for a snack or even a light meal, once you find the right concoction with a bit of protein, they can be super filling!

I read last night that when you are making a green smoothie it is best to blend the greens and your liquid first. I blended my spinach, about a cup and a half, and my cranberry juice first and it worked perfectly! I added half of my frozen raspberries next. Raspberries are my FAVOURITE fruit and they are still a little expensive fresh, so I opted for some frozen ones that were on sale!

Instead of protein powder this morning I added strawberry greek yogurt to my smoothie. Greek yogurt is packed with protein and tastes so delicious. I wish we had raspberry flavour. 

After the greek yogurt I added the rest of my frozen raspberries and blended it until it was smooth. I like my smoothies super thick and frozen. I will even use a spoon to eat them, that is how thick I like the texture to be. I don’t think I have mastered the “greenness” of these smoothies because I always add really colourful fruit but one day I will be drinking true gross-looking green smoothies. This one turned out a pretty pink colour.

Obviously my 30 minute chest and triceps workout meant I needed a ton of protein to build my muscle. Eggs it is!

I love going to the gym the day after a long run just to stretch out my legs and loosen them up a bit. My glute was actually the only thing that was sore this morning even though it didn’t hurt at all during my 21 mile run yesterday. I did all of my physio exercises and it didn’t hurt through any of those so I think it will be fine! 

What time do YOU get up? Do you find it easier to get up when the sun is out longer? Most days I am up between 5:00 and 6:00 am. I get so much more done throughout the day when I get up early. That also means I go to bed by like 9:30 pm ;).


  1. I’m usually out the door running by 5am most days, including today! It’s WAY easier to get out there when the sun is already out 🙂
    – Shawn

  2. I love smoothies! And I always opt for frozen over fresh berries for shakes. 🙂 I can’t wait to start going to the gym again! I really want to do some good quality strength training over the summer.

  3. That smoothie looks delicious! I’m trying to become a morning person, but right now even 7:00 is a major feat for me haha. I’m usually up late, so I get up around 9-10. 🙂

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