Treadmill love again.

I did my scheduled Tuesday training run this morning! It felt so good to get a legit training run in, even it was only an “easy 5 miles.” I warmed up on the stationary bike for 15 minutes, walked for just under 5 minutes on the treadmill and then began my run. A took it really easy with my pace because my hamstrings and calves were still a little tight from Sunday. 

I certainly did wear my RunWild race shirt to the gym today! I really like this shirt, it is super comfortable and I love love love the colours. One of my gym crushes also did 5 miles on the treadmill beside me today… just with a weighted vest and running at 7:13 min/mile… but basically the same workout. We both watched SportCentre on da mills. I did another 0.25 mile walk at the end to cool down.

I made sure to do all of my physio exercises and tons of hamstring, calf, and glute stretches. I was exhausted yesterday and didn’t make it to hot yoga after work but I plan on going today. It is also cold today in Alberta so I will need to super humid and hot room to warm me up!

I should not be doing this on May 6. When I came out of the gym I had to SCRAPE ICE off of my vehicle. Ridiculous. You know what else is ridiculous, my chipped nail polish. Oops.

I am really glad I got to do an actual full distance training run today, even if it was a short and slow one. I am still going to run based on how I feel this week and I may not do my scheduled Yassos tomorrow or my tempo run on Friday but I will definitely at least try and run the scheduled distances or >60% of them! I may need to continue with the treadmill love if this weather continues!

What is the weather like where YOU are?! 


  1. First off: You should SO NOT be scraping on May 6!!! It has been somewhat warm and sunny here in Nova Scotia, but my Newfoundland family has had snow this week!!! :S

    Secondly: YAY YAY YAY for running your legit training run 🙂 I do love that race tee!

  2. Living in Florida for the past four years has made me forget that other parts of the world get cold. 90F and sunny here. Time for a manicure.

  3. Way to go at getting the “work” done, in spite of the weather, Kris! I can’t believe you’re able to take pics of your feet while you’re running on the ‘mill—I almost fall off watching hockey! After the winter we had, I feel a little guilty that here in Ontario it’s finally spring while back west it obviously isn’t! Don’t worry, your time will come! (July….? lol) Cheers!

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