VEGA Review: Electrolyte Hydrator.

If you missed my first two Vega reviews, check them out here (Recovery Accelerator) and here (Performance Protein). I have been really loving the Vega products so far, especially the protein powder. This one is another good one. I have been experimenting with a few different brands of electrolyte replenishers over the course of my marathon training. I tried Mio Sport, Nuun, Skratch Lab, Ultima, and Vega. I actually liked all of them for different reasons but again, I found Vega to be a really solid product. In their new sport line, for “sustaining” exercise, they have the Electrolyte Hydrator

The electrolyte hydrator is a zero calorie powder that contains electrolytes, minerals, and antioxidants. It works during exercise, after exercise, and they even recommend sipping on it throughout the day. I am not crazy about that idea because I think we generally get enough salts and minerals from the food we eat (as long as we are eating clean and healthy diets), but this would definitely be great if you have an active job or have been doing lots of strenuous exercise. 

I received the box of individual packets and expected there to be 12 or 16 in the box but it actually had 30. Most electrolytes I have bought don’t come in such a high quantity, probably making Vega less expensive. 

I like that they are individually packed so I can toss one in my purse or in my gym bag for after a run. The tear tabs on the top are SO EASY and actually tear off instead of ripping down the package and getting powder everywhere… maybe that’s just me… but these were crazy easy to open. 

The powder, unlike the recovery accelerator, dissolves without any issues. It is super light coloured and that kind of reflects it’s flavour. It isn’t SUPER sweet like some electrolyte powders can be. I received the Berry kind to try and it was delicious! I recommend at least 750 ml of water for dissolving because otherwise it tastes too concentrated to me. 

I usually don’t drink electrolytes except after a hard run (at least 60 minutes long) or a long run of at least 90 minutes. Anything less and I stick to water. If you were going to try and incorporate more electrolyte recovery without additional carbohydrate supplement I would definitely recommend this electrolyte hydrator because it will give you the recovery benefits with zero calories. 

I think these Vega electrolytes could definitely help you #fuelyourbetter. Check out the Vega website for more information on their incredible sport line of products. They have something for every stage of your training and every point in your workout. One thing I like most about Vega is their promise to be purely plant-based, which accommodates EVERY athlete. I think they are killing it in the flavour department because every product I have tried has tasted stellar. 

Disclaimer: Products were supplied by Vega for review. All text and opinions are my own.
I would like to thank Vega for giving me the incredible opportunity to review their products. I had a raspberry vanilla protein smoothie yesterday afternoon on my way to work and I got a brain freeze trying to drink it so fast because it tasted wicked good.  I definitely recommend Vega as a brand. Some products are better than others but they have dramatically increased and expanded their brand which is awesome! 

Favourite VEGA product now that you have tried them (thanks to my reviews and recommendations)? 🙂