VEGA Sport: Recovery Accelerator.

I am always looking for the best foods and products to help me fuel my fitness and magically make me a better runner. Coincidentally, VEGA just started producing a Sport line of products that are intended for athletes! Their campaign is called #fuelyourbetter and it tries to target any nutrition issues an athlete may be having, and then offering a solution to it. I didn’t know which one to click first because don’t we all have all of these issues? No? Just me?

I was so excited when VEGA offered to sent me some samples of their sport products. I also really like getting mail so the boxes barely made it to the car before I tore into it. 

One thing I love about Vega is the fact that they make plant-based products. You don’t have to be vegan or vegetarian to enjoy their products but it is nice that in a world of whey protein powder they have a line that is exclusively plant-based. You may have heard of Vega from “VegaOne,” their original product, which is a nutritional shake powder. Now that is just the tip of the iceberg for Vega. Their sport line is incredible and filled with options. Whether you need something to prepare you for a workout, sustain an endurance exercise, or recover from intense sport… the Vega Sport line is divided into each of those stages. 

The first product I tried was the Vega Recovery Accelerator. I am a firm believer that not every exercise needs electrolytes and not every weight lifting session needs protein. That whole “not every bug needs drugs” philosophy. However with the longer runs that I am doing, I think proper recovery is essential to training. 

The Vega Recovery Accelerator is for recuperation from strenuous or endurance exercise. I have tried it after a few of my long runs, over 90 minutes long. I can’t eat anything after my long runs for a while because after tossing my organs around in my body for a few hours during my run, my stomach just does not want to digest food. Finding something like this that I can drink is perfect. 

From the Vega website:

I thought the flavour of the Recovery Accelerator (tropical) was really good. I have never had a bad experience with the flavour of Vega products which really says something about them because most protein powders, nutritional shakes, and electrolytes have some sort of weird flavour. 

The texture wasn’t the best. I wasn’t sure whether it was because I used ice cold water or not but I tried it with tepid water and it was the same. I feel like the powder didn’t dissolve as much as I thought it should. It was a bit chalky, especially if you had a straw and were drinking from the bottom of the glass. It wasn’t a complete turn-off but something that might make me try and incorporate it into a smoothie instead of drinking it straight!

It was super easy to drink and digest though, especially after a run or tough workout. I think the dissolving/chalky factor was due to the 4:1 carbohydrate to protein ration that this stuff contains. I know that mixing protein powder with water sometimes doesn’t work out so it may have been the protein in the drink that wasn’t dissolving as well. Nevertheless, it was still a pretty good recovery option, especially blended with frozen fruit 😉 Oh, and that’s suppose to say “THANKS VEGA!”… dang condensation.

Yesterday I used the Recovery Accelerator after my longish run. You know you are marathon training when you run 13.1 miles… a HALF MARATHON… and don’t even think twice about it because it isn’t the longest run you will do that week. When your training schedule says “9 miles” but the weather says “38017909146 miles” it is ok to settle for 13.1.

I didn’t do my scheduled 3 X 1600 m repeats because speed work does a number on my still-sore-and-recovering glute muscle. I did an 8 mile progressive speed workout instead. After one easy mile warm up, I started with an 8:40 mile and then worked down by 6 seconds every mile until I reached 7:50. I am hoping it will teach my body to run faster when it is tired and somewhat prepare me for the marathon. I did another 4.1 miles super slow and figured out the PERFECT half marathon loop from my house. This is exactly where I hit 13.1… 

I have a couple more Vega products to review and the next one is SO GOOD. I can’t get enough of it. 

Disclaimer: Vega products were sent to me for review. All text and opinions are my own.

Which of those “nutritional challenges” are you struggling with? It’s ok to say all of them like I did. 

Have YOU ever tried Vega products? What is your favourite? #fuelyourbetter


  1. I’ve heard great things about Vega but have never tried it!!! I think I’d need the “over training” version…oops. 😉 When Is your marathon again exactly? I was wondering about it and I can’t remember what you said…lol.

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