Week 13 Training Recap.

Perfect weather. Perfect clothing. Perfect painless run.

I planned on running a 20 miler today because I wanted to get a final 20+ run in before the taper begins. I have only done one other run that was more than twenty miles and that was on my birthday and I injured myself and couldn’t run for the next five weeks. To say super long runs terrify me would be an understatement! I mapped out a great route (not marry me great, but still good) last night and prepped my gear like I was prepping for a race!

It was the best weather. Nice and cool but still sunny so I wasn’t cold. I think it was about zero degrees Celsius when I started and about 4 or 5 when I was finished. There was not too much wind which is nice… and highly unusual for the prairies! I wore my super bright orange long sleeve shirt again because it has a pocket in the back and it held my Honey Stinger Energy Chews perfectly! Who says you need to spend a bazillion dollars on running gear… I got this shirt for $12 at the Gap (their Active line). 

I planned for 20 miles with my route but with a couple of jogs into gas stations and the Running Room, it was 21.01 miles when I got home! I made sure my last mile was my fastest mile. Not race pace fast, but faster than the rest of them. I know that one of the reasons (there are many) that I got injured was that my long runs were run at too fast a pace. I made sure to do this one nice and “slow” and targeted a 9:00 min/mile pace. I finished off with an 8:46 min/mile pace and felt great.

I had one package of fruit smoothie flavoured Honey Stinger energy chews and that flavour is fabulous! I start eating them at about mile 8, then have 2 every 2 miles after that. I think for the actual marathon I will be using two packages because I felt like I could have used a couple more today. 

I didn’t have ANY pain in my glute at all which surprised and amazed me. It was a total confidence booster to have a successful run after so many that have ended in pain or soreness… or tears. The only things that were a tad sore by the end were my quads and my feet… but after 21 miles of running, those muscles are allowed to be sore! 

After I did my stretching, I changed into bathing suit bottoms, emptied our freezer of all of its ice, and ran an ice bath for my legs. I dawned a hoodie because I didn’t want my whole body to get a chill and wanted to mainly ice my legs. The hardest part is getting in, after that it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. 

My mom called me and I chatted with her on the phone while I was in the ice bath and it made it go by faster because I wasn’t focusing on how much I wanted to get out of the tub. It was terrible to stick my feet in the ice cold water and get in but once I had my hamstrings, quads, calves, and glutes in that water it felt amazing. Or at least I told myself it felt amazing and that it was worth it 😉 The ice had almost melted by the time I took the picture but I swear there were so many ice cubes when I started!

Successful run, and I even had a friend join me for a couple of miles which was awesome! Oh and he just qualified for Boston, so a run with me was probably not even a workout! Something that was pointed out to me, and now I watch for it, is my HR increasing slowly on a long run. I started with an average of about 150 bpm and then it increased to a steady 157-158 bpm by the end of the 21 miles even at the same pace and elevation and such… hmmm, interesting!

I wish I were spending the day with my mom but we’ll just have to have some major Mother’s Day celebrations when she gets home from vacation! I have the most INCREDIBLE mother and I am so inspired/proud/humbled/amazed/honoured to be her daughter. 


How was YOUR run today? Any special Mother’s Day plans?

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  1. Huge confidence booster and giant relief – great run Kris!! With 1700C I hope you hit up Starbucks a few times 🙂
    – Shawn

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