Week 14 Training Recap: Taper time!

It is officially taper time, which coincides with “panic time.” TWO WEEKS PEOPLE, TWO WEEKS! I had a 16 mile run scheduled for today and I could not have asked for better weather. It was raining south of the city but for the two and a half hours I was outside it was sunny and blue sky! This 16 mile run topped off a pretty good training week in which I ran 47.64 miles (almost 77 km). It is time to taper which makes me both happy and scared because now it is getting so close!

It was tank top weather but I wore capris because every single pair of shorts seems to be chaffing me lately. If anyone has found awesome running shorts that don’t chafe PLEASE let me know! My lulu lemon ones work the best so far but any pair after a while demands copious amounts of BodyGlide.

I ran mostly on the riverside trails and it was the best decision ever. The trees were budding (in BC, the trees were budding in February, but whatever), it was green, sunny, full of active people, and fabulous! There was a bit of a breeze as I got out to Big Lake but it felt good! I saw an older man on the trail that I sold running shoes to yesterday… he was hustling in his great new shoes!

I forgot to charge my iPod last night… what a rookie mistake. My brother was still sleeping so I stole his iPod for my run. It was weird to listen to music I hadn’t added or even listened to before. He has a lot of bad ass rap songs. My thoughts listening to his music:

‘He is going to do WHAT to her?’

‘How many girls does he want? How does that even work? Are they actually doing all of this in the club?’

‘Oooo! Justin Timberlake!’ 

‘I get it. You like money… and drugs… don’t we all?’ Just kidding dad… running is the only thing that gets me high. 

‘Has this guy ever heard of a little thing called RESPECT for women?’

I sped up and did my last mile at just under race pace. It felt good to add a bit of speed to such a long and steady run. I aimed for 9:00 min/mile again and came out at about the same pace as last week… 8:46 min/mile. Sooo, all I have to do is run 10 more miles, 45 seconds faster per mile… and PANIC mode. 

I said on Friday that one of the reasons I did my tempo run indoors at the gym was because I tend to stick around and actually do some strength and lengthy stretching when I am there. When I got home after my long run I made a point to get a teeny tiny bit of strength training done. You can ask my dad… I didn’t just take a picture of a weight and then go shower, I did a solid 15-20 minutes of arms… I’m expecting bicep muscles anytime now.

During my run I was planning my recovery smoothie. Raspberries sounded the best. Plus vanilla protein powder (review coming this week!) and almond milk. 

After a 50.58 miles last week, this week was a little step down at 47.64 miles. Now it is officially taper time. I have heard that paces during your taper shouldn’t dip below your race pace… aka no fast tempos or speed work. I had a pretty solid week of training and I can’t believe it is only 14 days until Calgary. 

Shorts that don’t chafe? I am already freaking out about my race day outfit!

Best part of taper time? 

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  1. Argh! I had the same chafing problem with my shorts this past weekend. It’s never fun constantly trying to pull your shorts over the area that’s chafing, I’m sure it’s amusing for people on the path that catch you doing it though. I think it takes me a couple weeks post winter training to remember the Body Glide! You’ve had such a strong training routine, you’re going to be awesome in Calgary! Happy taper 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness, 2 weekS!!! You will kick some serious butt, I just know it. 🙂 I am an avid fan of adidas running gear. I’ve worn the same pair of black adidas clima cool shorts for 90% of my races over the past 4 years. Yes 4 years, lol. They are the lightest weight shorts I’ve ever found and they don’t chafe me. I got them from the Running Room actually.

  3. CW-X compression shorts – they’re awesome and no chaffing.
    Great week of running Kris! It is NOT 14 days until a big race, it IS 14 days until you accomplish this goal you’ve been working so hard to achieve. 🙂
    – Shawn

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