Week 15 Training Recap: ONE WEEK TO GO.

ONE WEEK until the marathon… ONE WEEK. I had my last long run today and besides a little glute soreness, it was a great run! The sun was hiding behind the clouds for most of the run which was fabulous because I didn’t get too hot. The weather is still up in the air for Calgary and I think my race day outfit will be just that… a race day decision. I DID find the perfect shorts though. Best $9.77 I have ever spent. 

They are the brand “RonHill” which specializes in trail running gear. I picked up these shorts, last year’s model, which is why they were so cheap. I tested them out today without body glide and they were amazing. No chaffing, no riding up, and no sliding around. They even have a pocket in the back which fits my phone perfectly. I don’t plan on carrying my phone during the race obviously but I have become accustomed to carrying it with me on most runs after injuring myself. I had some major fears I would tear my muscle even more, not be able to walk, and get stranded on a back road somewhere. I also run alone 98% of the time so it is a safety thing as well!

My Champion shirt is becoming a fave. It is the bomb dot com. I looked like a traffic cone coming down the highway this morning but that is good because then I have a reduced chance of being hit by a car 😉 I have a feeling I will be ready for a new pair of these shoes after the marathon. It’s amazing how many miles add up on them when you are marathon training!

12.76 miles. Boom. Done. It’s amazing how I don’t really consider that a “long” run anymore. It felt so much shorter than the usual long run! I tried to stick as closely to 9:00 min/mile as possible. With some nagging glute shenanigans and such I definitely don’t want to push it during taper time! 

I don’t know whether my pace kept jumping up and down or my Garmin did. Over two thirds in, I would look down one minute and see 8:35 min/mile and then glance back down less than a minute later and it would say 9:45 min/mile. It was strange. I felt like I was giving a steady effort so maybe it was the watch. Or I am going crazy. Average moving pace of 8:49 min/mile. 

There were tons of people out on the roads/trails running and cycling and it was awesome. Almost every single person was smiling and wished me a good morning! There was one woman that completely avoided eye contact with me so I practically yelled “MORNING!” at her and smiled my hardest. 

A total of 37.92 miles this week. Dropping below 40 miles per week felt kind of good. This week will require even less running until the BIG DAY on Sunday. I am going to do a ton of stretching, icing, and foam rolling. I tried the “Tiger tail” roller the other day at work and it felt so wonderful… I am a very hard worker I swear, I just have to be knowledgable about the products I sell, amirite? 

People have asked me what I eat the night before a race or if I have any pre-race rituals but I can’t really come up with things that I have done for every. single. race. My usual pre-race rituals include getting super nervous, attempting not to have a panic attack, sleeping very little the night before, eating a bagel with peanut butter and banana even though I feel like I am going to vomit, and then running the race. I think I need some new pre-race activities 😉

What are your pre-race or pre-event rituals?!

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  1. I know this sounds crazy, but a Cobs cinnamon bun the afternoon before the marathon pretty much guarantees success!
    – Shawn

  2. Good luck and happy trails – almost marathon day!! My pre-race rituals are just to be bloody nervous until about 5-10K into the race… I really should get something better going on.

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