Where I’ve Lived Wednesday: St. Albert.

The final Where I’ve Lived Wednesday post is here… you know, until I move again. After living in 8 different places, my dad was promoted to Alberta, where I currently reside. I have loved different things about each place we have lived and Alberta is no exception. I didn’t think I would fall in love with the frigid cold winters and then flat, flat, flat prairie landscape, but I did and I really enjoy living in St. Albert.

I obviously didn’t have to move out to Alberta with my family because I was living on my own in Victoria, but I knew I was the glue that holds my dear family together and I couldn’t let them fall apart without me. If anyone has ANY questions about how to transfer universities or any post-secondary application questions, I consider myself quite the expert. My dad and I came out to Alberta first and after my brother graduated, my mom and brother joined us. It was super weird to be separated from them but my dad and I are pretty close and very similar people so we survived in a tiny basement suite together for almost a year! We did what all the nerdy tourists do… ride Segways around Edmonton and tour the river valley.

And buy cowboy hats so we can officially call ourselves Albertans.

The drive from BC to Alberta is amazing. Coming through the Rocky Mountains feels like a truly Canadian road trip. The glimmering teal lakes, the snow capped mountains, the wildlife… it is a trip I hope every single one of you (even the Americans and international readers 😉 gets to take!

I am so glad I moved to Alberta, even though I left behind some amazing friends… and the ocean and gorgeous mountains. Alberta has some pretty great views too. Even though there is usually a thunderstorm every summer night, the sunset that follows is incredible.

The sunsets are amazing almost every single night. I have never seen such neon colours in the sky! Being close to Edmonton, we are about 4 hours from the mountains. Calgary, in the southern province is only an hour from them. I love that we can escape to the most peaceful places like Jasper, Banff, and Canmore any time we want. 

St. Albert is just outside of Edmonton in Alberta. It is the cutest community and one of the cleanest, most well-kept places I have lived. The walking/running trails are so amazing. They clear the snow off of them pretty much before they even clear the streets in the winter, then they brush the gravel off of them in the spring and salt them in the fall. Many people use the trail system every day and there are always friendly faces and runner’s waves

There is notoriously little elevation change in Alberta but it has a few surprisingly tough hills. I love that I can run quite a few miles with little elevation change, just for those days when my legs are tired and I really don’t want to have to run up and down hills. Edmonton’s marathon even has the slogan “flat and fast” because of how little climbing you do. Unfortunately not all of the Alberta races can be perfect… some are run at -30 in February. 

The people I have met (mostly at the gym and at races and such because where else do I hang out?) in St. Albert are wonderful! There are so many active people in this city and I love it! Everyone is so encouraging and kind! I have to best people to run with and they are so much faster than me – I love the challenge of trying to keep up with them!

The number of opportunities in Edmonton and St. Albert is crazy… sports, music, festivals, restaurants… you name it, it is here. We have gone to hockey games, football games, concerts, plays, and a few heritage and food festivals. There is always something going on! If you love country music like me (don’t stop following my blog because of this fact 😉 then you would love it here… so. many. country. artists. I went to Big Valley Jambouree, a country music festival, with my friend Krista from BC last summer and we had a blast! Tim McGraw… WOW.

I am so excited for the many adventures Alberta still has left for us. Our house backs on to many country roads and that makes for peaceful runs and some awesome cycling. I think this summer will be full of both of those things! 

I am so grateful to my parents for introducing my brother and I to so many different places, different communities, and different lifestyles. The experiences I have gained through each and every move have made me who I am today. Change is good and change is healthy. 
What do you LOVE about the place you live?

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  1. So, I’m probably a little biased but I’d say this is my favourite WILW post. I still can’t believe we ran that Hypo Half in below -30C temps…
    – Shawn

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