13.5 hours later: I am ready for some Manitoba running.

15 times we saw (or smelled) road kill.

14 songs I sang to… the entire song… without missing a beat. My parents were really impressed by my rapping skills and my ability to memorize country song lyrics.

13 hours of driving across the Canadian prairies. 

12 little presents my brother and I had wrapped for my parents to open every hour. They did the same thing for us when we were kids and we went on long road trips so we returned the favour. 

11 (times 5) is the number of dark chocolate covered almonds I ate. 

10 cups of sugar snap peas I ate on the road. 

9 towns that I laughed at the name. Prairie village naming is sometimes really funny. Yes, you… Findlater. 

8 times my dad called me “high maintenance.” I am not capable of opening my water bottle while driving, so he had to do it for me. I also require someone to fetch all of my snacks from the back seat for me. I was just trying to drive safe!

7 hours I was craving Subway. Chopped veggie salad rocked my socks. I saved some of my sweet onion dressing and dipped carrot sticks in it. Try it. Delicious combo.

6 times we had to pull over to stop and pee. If only we could have synchronized our bladders. 

5 movies watched by my brother. He watched them UNDER a blanket to reduce the glare. I am pretty sure he is adopted. 

4 hours of driving time for me. I alternated with my dad who drove the rest. I am pretty sure I fell asleep for two of those hours but we were in Saskatchewan so nothing happened. 

3 hours of sleep I got the night before the road trip. I was either excited for the trip or my iced Americano was NOT decaf. 

2 times we all considered giving up our day jobs to become storm chasers. 

1 happy family that arrived safe and sound in Manitoba.


  1. We did Starbucks gift cards, mints/gum, some candy treats, scratch lotto tickets, Subway gift cards for lunch, magazines, a photo of my brother and I, and a couple of other things. It made the drive go by faster!

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