4:32 am… Why do we do this?

I got a run in today even though my boss asked me to start my shift early. I even got 10 miles in before work, but that meant I had to be up and running at 4:32 am. It was actually really nice and I had a great run. Getting up super early reminded me of when I was living on my own in Victoria and I woke up super early every day and hit the gym or the streets to get my workout in before class. All of the vehicles that passed me contained people heading home from their parties and Saturday night fun and here I was, getting my Sunday long run in before an 8 hour shift at work 🙂

When my alarm went off at 4:15 am, I checked the weather on my phone to see what it was like outside. It said 6 degrees (Celsius) and sunny. I opened my door to find the sunrise just starting to creep over the horizon and not a cloud in the sky… then I turned to face the direction I was headed and it was black. So much for clear skies but it was definitely a refreshing rainy run!

Considering the chance of precipitation was close to 3% this morning and yet it was pouring, all I could think of was that scene from Mean Girls. You know the one. 

Things like that are the funniest at 4 in the morning. Replaying Mean Girls in my head occupied about 27% of my run. I haven’t run in the rain for a while so it was kind of a nice change. I had my fabulous Ron Hill marathon shorts on so no chaffing whatsoever. 10.09 miles at an 8:30 min/mile average pace. Done and done. 

I left very little time to get ready after my run and ran out the door with a container of grapes, my pre-packed lunch, and a Tim Hortons card I got as a prize at work last week. Have you tried their plain oatmeal? It is THE BEST. So creamy and delicious and probably one of their healthiest breakfast options. 

It also pays to have an AWESOME friend who delivers your high maintenance Starbucks orders to you. 

After the marathon on Sunday I took a few days fairly easy and cut my mileage in half this week. I ran a total of 26.58 miles with no speed work, no hills, and most of my routes were intentionally created with very little elevation change. I did some elliptical and I am trying to incorporate a bit more strength training into my routine. The best thing I did after my marathon was SLEEP. Instead of trying to get out for a shake out run or trying to get some “easy cardio” done on the elliptical, I took Monday morning just to relax and sleep as long as I could and it paid off. Plus, did you know that you burn more calories sleeping than watching TV? True story. 

I missed giving you a weekly training recap so I did a weekly workout summary instead!

THREE words to describe your weekend? Work, running, work 😉


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