Back to the spin bike.

I planned out a cross training day today because I really really really missed the spin bikes. I wanted to actually get on my road bike but it was a little too cold out this morning for road cycling so I hit the gym with my dearly missed clip less shoes and jumped on the spin bike. 60 minutes, one awesome playlist, and one game of scrabble on my phone later, I was one sweaty mess. I did mostly endurance cycling, a steady ride at high cadence (90 rpm) but added a few hill climbs in a pyramid form of 1-2-3-3-2-1. 9 minutes speed, 1 minute hill, 8 minutes speed, 2 minute hill, etc. 

The bike is one of my favourite forms of cross training. My dad is away for work right now but when he gets back I am dragging him out for some road cycling. He is participating in the Tour de L’Alberta in July, a road cycling race, and I am debating signing up for it as well. They have distances of 50K, 100K, 150K, and 180K so there is no shortage of options… anyone can do it! After being in a few running races, it would be cool to see what a cycling race is like! One of the aid stations serves lunch so I think I like cycling races already!

Once I was nice and sweaty, I hit up the weights for some strength training. My Runner’s World daily calendar told me to do it. I am trying to get stronger this summer and to get stronger you have to lift weights. I used to be super embarrassed about how little I could lift, especially when I did arm weights but now I realize that no one can make fun of someone who is trying. Everyone starts somewhere and everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. I may not be very strong but one day I will be 😉

60 minutes of arms, arms, arms. There were not very many people in the weight area so I got to set up some circuits for myself and alternate between moves without worrying about getting in someone’s way or hogging the dumbbells/machines/benches. My favourite move of the day: triceps dips off of the bench. Those kill me every time!

I intentionally matched my shirt to my shoes today… I am that girl now.

I was super duper hungry when I got home (carrying around those 5 lb. weights is exhausting 😉 so I got my cinnamon raisin bread soaking in the egg mixture (one egg, 1/4 cup of egg whites, a splash of soy milk) before I showered. That way, when I was ready to cook it, the bread had soaked up all of the egg. I had a big bowl of strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries as well. 

The thickness of this bread was ridiculous. Plus, french toast kind of rises as it cooks… or at least mine did… so it got even thicker when it was cooked! This breakfast proved it – french toast is best with cinnamon raisin bread. The bread is sweet enough that you don’t even need anything on top!

After running my first marathon a week ago, I found this article really interesting. Usually when you tell people you run, they ask about your knees. Those who don’t run also usually blame their knees. This article did a study that showed no significant knee cartilage loss after training and running a debut marathon. Like anything, I think the key is moderation. Those elites who run 308751 marathons a year will probably have more damage than those who train consistently but at moderate intensity. I think at the end of all of these random studies the overarching theme is the same… runners (or active people in general) tend to have fewer health issues then those who aren’t active at all! 

I need your help! What distance should I sign up for in the Tour de L’Alberta… 50K? 100K? 150K? 180K?


  1. I did the 180K last year and it was super fun! Beautfiful weather and scenery. Safe riding. And LOTS of aid stations with real food 😉 The one (I will need to do some research, it was towards the halfway/three-quarter mark of the 180K) serves meat pies which are super famous and tasty. I would say to opt for a shorter distance if you haven’t been on your bike a ton, but you could easily do the 100K I’m sure. You can pace however you want and you and your dad can take turns pulling one another 😉 The Gran Fondo races (put on my TransRockies, I think) are fun, too – they’re legit races and the courses are really hard and fun! Will be excited to hear your thoughts if you do the Tour!

  2. I was just on the website, the 50km looks like it would be a good time, without being too difficult. The jerseys look fantastic!
    – Shawn

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