Done, done, done.

I am done the marathon! It was NOT the race I expected. I had the worst stomach pain I have had in my entire life and it lasted only 24 miles out of the 26.2. I finished it with a few little walk breaks to drink water or attempt to make myself vomit to feel better 😉 

Official chip time: 3:53:50

It was an incredible experience and though I kind of want to forget about 94% of it, I had an amazing friend running with me and finished in under 4 hours. If you knew how bad I felt, this time is amazing 😉 My legs felt great, I had NO recurring injury soreness and didn’t even feel my glute muscles getting sore. I know for a fact I could have raced better without the whole feeling-like-death-or-like-an-alien-was-trying-to-crawl-out-of-my-insides thing. I trained my butt off and I look forward to racing faster in the future but I am happy with my results!

My mom and brother did absolutely INCREDIBLE in their half marathons. My brother ran a 1:47:20 in his FIRST half marathon and my mom pulled off a 2:04:09. We are spending our afternoon relaxing, recovery, and eating. I ate about 4 Honey Stinger energy chews during the entire race because I couldn’t even think about eating them while feeling like crap! Time to replenish all of those calories I burned… french fries anyone? I will write a race recap tomorrow when I can think clearly and have reflected on the whole experience!

Did YOU race this weekend? How did it go? 


  1. way to go kris – i wasn’t able to clear 4 hours in my first marathon, so i’m totally in awe of your accomplishment! enjoy the proud moment!

  2. Congrats! You are a super star! I hope I can be like you someday! Do you have any recommendations for coming up with a training plan? Did you find one online and tweak it to make it yours?

  3. Holy Congratulations Kris!!! That’s amazing! Sorry to hear about your tummy issues, but super happy to hear that your injury pain stayed away. I look forward to your recap 😀

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