Hot and humid running.

Yesterday morning I went for a run before breakfast. It was May last year when I was in Manitoba so it wasn’t as humid or hot, or I just forgot about that part but my run was short, sticky, and sweaty.  I set out for a short(er) run because I knew I wanted to get my normal long run in this morning. 5 miles and I was more than done. I felt like I was running with a blanket over top of me but didn’t do “too” bad for pace at 8:18 min/mile. 

I tested out my new ASICS GT-2000 2’s on my run. I normally wear New Balance 870s but the heel was wearing out faster than the rest of the sole and they had lots of miles on them so it was time for a new pair of medium to long distance shoes. One of my coworkers who is amazing with running shoes told me that my wear pattern probably meant I was still pronating a little bit so I got the Asics because they had a bit of a firmer heel. They felt pretty good but a bit like I was running on the outsides of my feet. That may just be because I was pronating before though.

After breakfast my brother, mom, and I went for a short walk and to try out an outdoor gym that my mom and I found on our runs. We both went running separately but came back and were super excited to tell each other about the outdoor fitness equipment we saw on the run. 

This stuff is pretty cool. An “air walker” (the one my mom is on), the “elliptical” (the one my brother is on), a chest press, leg press, reverse pushup bars/triceps dips bars, and a shoulder raise. You use entirely your body weight on these outdoor “machines” and we went through the circuit a couple of times and got a pretty decent workout. Some were really hard and others you could make harder by using one leg/arm at a time. Neat!

My brother was trying to find “unique” ways to use the equipment.

After we did our little workout we finished up our walk and got ready to head over for my grandparents’ anniversary dinner. We learned some really important skills like how to make coffee in an ancient peculator. As a barista in my former life, I was amazed. 

We had to bring in the expert to show us exactly how to use it. In my Starbucks life all I had to do was press a button. 

When all of the family arrived we enjoyed some good food, great company, and obviously the lethal game of lawn darts. My grandparents have the original lawn darts sets that have sharp pointed darts that could probably kill someone… not the pansy ones that only have weighted sand in them that they sell to kids nowadays. It’s only dangerous when my aunt attempts to throw it and it goes backwards? 

I am attempting a long run this morning but with winds of about 50 km/h and gust of up to 70 km/h we will see how that goes. I usually hit up a treadmill when the wind gets over 10 km/h so I think it will just add another challenging element to my running! I will have my mom’s company for part of it and I can’t wait to run with her! If you don’t hear from me again, I have been blown into one of the crops in Manitoba… send help.

Outdoor gyms? Are they the new thing? Have you tried one?

St Albert just got one and now I can’t wait to try it out!


  1. What a great idea, exercise equipment in the park! I remember as a young kid, washing the percolator after my parents had used it—nasty coffee grounds and so many parts! Are you anywhere near the flooding in Manitoba we’re hearing about, here in the east?

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