Hot, sunburnt, tired, and smiling!

I am sunburnt, exhausted, and still trying to rehydrate, BUT I had the most fabulous day in Banff with my brother running the first ever Banff half marathon! Last year was suppose to be the inaugural race but due to the major flooding last summer the event was cancelled and this year ended up being the first! I was more excited than nervous for this race because I didn’t have any time goals and really just wanted to enjoy the scenery and the company!

The hotel internet is crazy slow so I promise I will write a full race recap tomorrow and leave you with the basic stats now! It was super hot and the path that we took was in the direct sun with no shade or wind for most of the race… we struggled. There were no significant hills which was nice! I got one major cramp about 4 miles in and had to stop for about 30 seconds to stretch my torso and get rid of the cramp. We started out great but slowed way down during the second half because of the heat/dehydration. We made it and had the rest of the day to enjoy the gorgeous town of Banff! Oh, and I got 3rd in my age group so I got a second medal!

Banff Half Marathon
3/58 in age category.
33/594 in gender. 


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