I’m on the road across the prairies!

Hello from the road! My family and I are headed to Manitoba to visit my relatives. It is great that both my dad’s family and my mom’s family live near Winnipeg so when we head east we get to see most everyone! We are driving straight for 13 hours so I am forcibly taking a rest day. After the hill run yesterday though, I think I need it. Because we are driving we have to “pack light” according to my dad. There is supposedly little room for my stuff and taking 5 pairs of running shoes is “beyond ridiculous.” Just don’t tell him I bought a new pair yesterday 😉

Last night we were all packing up our stuff and my dad is bringing his bike, so he cleaned it up and greased the chain before we left. I do my best to learn as much as I can about bike repair and maintenance. I love just hanging out with my dad and getting educated about road cycling!
Buuuuut, after 1.4 minutes I got bored, so some OITNB happened. Is anyone else loving this Netflix show?
When I was uploading the above picture I found a few lingering photos from our drive home from Banff. I handed my brother the camera while I drove and he got some good shots, especially of the sprinting deer! I am pretty sure I said “LOOK AT THE MOUNTAINS! IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL!” about 745 times along the way. I am counting down the days until I can escape to the mountains again!
Speaking of Banff, a reader just told me that Canadian Running Magazine put up a photo article about the Banff Marathon online. I am sorry to all of the other participants… I think I hogged the site! TWO photos, baby! There was one photo of my brother and I crawling running down the finishing shoot and another of me standing on top of the podium receiving my award! Neat!

I think the next few posts will be major photo dumps. We have lots planned for Winnipeg but also lots of “planned” relaxing. It is always fun being with my relatives and tomorrow we are celebrating my grandparents’ FIFTY-FIFTH wedding anniversary! One awesome thing about being in Manitoba, especially at my grandparents’ in Carman = FLAT runs. I am seriously so excited to go running there! 

What is the best thing to do on a road trip?


  1. I LOVE OITNB. I’m trying to pace myself through the series rather than binge watching it and being disappointed that I have nothing left to watch! Enjoy Manitoba. I have never ventured that way.

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