Important information and legs day.

The first day in a while that I have absolutely NOTHING to do. I started the day very late (for me) and got out of bed at 8:00 am. I felt so rested, but really hungry. I had all the time in the world to exercise so I ate breakfast before I went to the gym. I usually don’t have anything or just eat a banana before I work out in the morning but I didn’t think I could get a great workout in without some fuel… plus that meant I’d be having breakfast close to noon! I was planning on a running a bit on the treadmill so I needed a breakfast that was easy on my stomach. Sliced banana, plain greek yogurt, dried cranberries, and the BEST cereal in the world… YUM.

I have some important information for you. Kashi changed the look of their best ever cereal so when you go looking for it in the grocery store, be aware of this change. It is still the same delicious goodness inside but the box looks different. You’re welcome. I just saved a lot of frustration out there. 

Oh, and I had grapes because they were sitting on my counter calling my name

Once I got to the gym it was practically noon in my world. For a girl that is normally there at 5:30, 9 is halfway through my day! I jumped on the treadmill for a 6 mile tempo run. I forgot Body Glide and realized it the moment I started to run. I didn’t chafe too badly thanks to my Champion shorts and the fact that my run was less than an hour. 

One warm up mile at around 9:00 min/mile and then 4 tempo miles at 7:54 min/mile, and a final cool down mile at 8:34 min/mile. I like tempo runs because you are pushing yourself to hit that pace but it isn’t like doing speed work at aerobic threshold, you just feel like you are getting a really, really good run in… with lots of sweat and hard work. I am never out of breath or anything but I am working hard to keep up my form along with my pace. 8:13 min/mile overall. I walked on an incline for 10 minutes to get my heart rate down!

I did 35 minutes of the stairclimber after… just to add to my puddle. I forgot how hard that thing is. I stayed on the extra 5 minutes because I wanted to see JLo on LIVE with Kelly and Michael. I did leg strength training and some stretching to finish off my workout. I am now up to 168 lb. single-leg leg presses. Feels good and my glute felt AMAZING today. I got in some good burn at the end of my workout with two wall sits and two glute bridges. If your glute bridges aren’t burning after a minute, you are doing them wrong!

My brother got some new sports headphones a few weeks ago, for his half marathon actually and he really liked them so I bought some for myself. I have been wanting to try the over-the-ear ones because the Gummy ones that I have don’t always stay in my ears, especially when I am running in the wind or running faster than normal. I probably should have taken a picture before I was super gross and sweaty. 

I just tried them out as-is today and didn’t adjust the ear piece or the size of the ear buds so they didn’t stay in as well as I had hoped but I think once I get them adjusted to my ears they will be good. 

I have run 100 miles this month already! Running a marathon on the first day of the month helps 😉

What kind of headphones do you use when you workout? Over the ear or ear buds?

Have you tried the Kashi cereal yet? There is only one right answer for this question. 


  1. I haven’t tried it yet either…If I’m going to cereal it’s usually Vector or Harvest Crunch. I’ll need to give it a try though.
    – Shawn

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