Just one more pair, I swear.

Yesterday I met my mom at the gym after work for a second workout of the day. We ellipticized together and then did some strength training. I did a leg workout. The rest of my family chooses to avoid all leg weight lifting and strength training like the plague so my mom stuck to arms and abs. My legs are sore today so I know I killed the weights. Squats on a bosu ball will do that!

Right now the Running Room store that I work at is having their sidewalk sale. We got in a huge shipment of shoes and clothes, all last year’s versions, that are on sale. I saw a customer trying on all size 10 shoes (my size, yes… I have big feet), and when I went to put the boxes away when she was done, I noticed a pair of New Balance 890s. I am a Brooks and New Balance runner so naturally, I tried them on. 

I don’t think I have ever tried on the 890s before but they are comfy! They are a super lightweight shoe and though they aren’t quite the New Balance minimalist shoes (that would be the 1400s), they feel like a racing shoe. 

When I saw that I could get them for $30… I was sold. I couldn’t afford NOT to buy the shoes. They are bright red which is awesome. Usually they only make women’s shoes in pink, and men’s in red, so these are a great find! Plus, they have “Canada” written on the side, how cute! Also, how appropriate that Canadian Girl Runs is wearing Canada shoes 😉

I am not sure whether I will be running in these shoes or keeping them as an indoor cross trainer but I’m sure you will see some shoe-selfies in them soon! They will go really well with my red running onesie which I have yet to run in this season! A runsie AND “fantastically fast” shoes… I’ll be unstoppable!

This should not happen in June. -1? No… just, no. 

I was pretty sore from yesterday’s double workout when I woke up this morning, so I took it easy at the gym.

10 minutes rowing, 10 minutes abs X 3. I get bored on the rower so easily so it is necessary to create a circuit workout to get all 30 minutes in. I used some moves from the 8 minute ab video in my 10 minute circuit of abs, as well as doing a few planks, dead bugs, and russian twists. Oh, and I thought I would try and look like a total fashion disaster this morning at the gym and wore neon pink socks with purple shoes. 

Do you ever eat something you haven’t eaten in a while and wonder why you haven’t made it in so long? That happened to me… and french toast. I have been having eggs and toast or my breakfast pitas or protein pancakes for breakfast for the past few days and the I thought “Well, french toast is just bread dipped in eggs… so it can’t be terrible for you? Why have I been avoiding it?” There is no logical explanation because french toast is wonderful.

We didn’t have cinnamon raisin bread, aka the best bread for making french toast, so I added cinnamon to the eggs and then topped the whole wheat bread with a few raisins while the first side was cooking in the pan. It was so light and fluffy. I think french toast gets a bad rap because most people drench it in syrup or coat it in icing sugar but it really isn’t that bad for you. I sprinkled less than a teaspoon of icing sugar on my french toast, mostly to cover the fact that I burnt the bajeezus out of the raisins I added, but it really doesn’t need anything more. The cinnamon and raisins make it sweet while the eggs make it fluffy and moist. I used one egg plus 1/4 cup of egg whites for 2 slices and it was the perfect amount! 

I am trying harder than ever to balance running and strength training because I know how beneficial strength training is for me, and for my running. Trying to plan leg workouts is tough because usually I am sore for at least two days after. Even when I do arms or shoulders, I realize how much I actually use those body parts when I run. One time, my brother did a major chest workout and then could barely run a couple miles the next day and had to take walking breaks because his chest was so sore. I hope I am a little less sore tomorrow because I think it is suppose to warm up a little more than -1 and sun + running = happiness.

French toast lovers out there? 

Have you ever cut out a food from your life and then wondered why when you tried it again? 


  1. I love your new shoes- they are awesome! I used to eat French toast after every long run and I got out of the mode… maybe I will have French toast this Sunday after my long run! Thanks for the good idea!

  2. French toast is yummy! Especially when the “bread” is banana bread like at OEB, or a cinnamon bun like at Nellies.

  3. I FULLY support your shoe habit! I worry how many pairs I’d have if I could get them for cost 🙂 heh. I ordered two pairs on Wednesday. In my defense – one pair is for trail running 🙂

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