Latest eats… breakfast pitas are da bomb.

It has thunder stormed every evening for the past couple of days. I think my mom and I jinxed it when we said we were going to go for an evening walk or bike ride after dinner now that the weather is fairly warm. As soon as we said that, BAM, raining every night. At least the rainbows that follow the thunderstorms are pretty. If you are wondering why we don’t just go walking in the rain it is because I am a princess and would probably melt. 

After the lovely event that was my painful marathon on Sunday, I felt sick all day both Sunday and Monday. My stomach was just a bit sensitive but I am happy to report it went away by Wednesday and I was able to pound out my first post-marathon run. An easy 4.16 miles to celebrate National Running Day! Despite the tummy troubles, the past couple of days I have been eating some really delicious food. One day I will stop taking photos of my meals but today is not that day. 

I convinced my mom to buy Laughing Cow cheese at the grocery store… which is when she began to regret asking me to get groceries with her (her bill is about 2.34X larger when I go… and 7.14X when I go and I am hungry). It is really good cheese. 

Breakfast pita = whole wheat pita + 2 laughing cow wedges + 2 eggs sunny side up. Da bomb.

I also said we should get rice cakes. Plain… because PEANUT BUTTER, and then some tomato and basil. They are a great snack! Even though it is almost summer I am still drinking tea and coffee like there is no tomorrow. 

Ramen rice noodles. I stir fried a few vegetables and added some teriyaki sauce to them, then cooked the ramen rice noodles in vegetable broth. I put all of the vegetables into the bottom of a noodle box bowl (so I could pretend I was at a restaurant and feel all fancy) and then poured the broth and noodles over top. There was so much flavour and I think I got about 23 servings of vegetables in my bowl!

A summer classic for me. Veggie burgers. These are Costco Kirkland brand burgers, possibly called “garden burgers” and they have a meaty texture with some smoky flavour but are 100% vegetarian. Super good. I have also tried the veggie rice burgers from Costco and they are good too. The rice burgers have cheese in them so that might be why they taste so good. I love making homemade black bean burgers too – a staple in the hot summer months!

I don’t think this post would be complete without at least one photo of salad. While grocery shopping I also told my mom we NEEDED black olives so I have been digging greek salad lately but this sweet and savoury salad was also pretty amazing. I like having some aspect of crunch in my salad so I added some roasted edamame and almonds. 

I failed yesterday by not mentioning National Running Day. I celebrated for sure, don’t fret. I did mention it on Twitter however; so I hope that makes up for it. 

Today I am being featured on Crystal’s amazing blog, Running with Rhyno. Each week she puts the spotlight on a fellow Canadian runner and this week I am the girl for the job. Crystal is a Red Deer resident who also ran the Calgary Marathon on Sunday! I didn’t get the chance to see her when I was there but according to her recap, she also didn’t have the best race of her life… it happens to the best of us 😉 Head over and check out my interview with her here!

What have YOU been eating lately?

Did you celebrate National Running Day? Tell me about your run! Mine was a hot and sweaty treadmill run at a very easy pace where I tested out the accelerometer in my Garmin for the first time!

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  1. Great food pics! I am hungry now. Hope you feel better soon. Yes I am still recovering mentally and physically. I have been eating a lot of greens. Our public markets just opened for the season so I am stocking up on fresh produce and tending to my little community garden 🙂

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