Mid-Run Pickups.

After a fabulous rest day yesterday my legs felt ready to run this morning and it just reminded me how important rest days are. It also helped that when my alarm went off I could see the sun streaming through my window. I think I instantly put on a smile when I see that it is going to be a sunny day, the weather affects my mood far too much.

I put on my mean-sunglasses and hit the quiet, peaceful streets. I had no real plans for my run except I wanted it to be out in the country where there is hardly any traffic and I just wanted to enjoy it. I almost forgot my iPod again and had to turn around at the end of my driveway. Maybe subconsciously I don’t really want to run with music. I grabbed it anyway but turned the volume way down and just enjoyed the sun and the run.

I decided on 8 miles and if I was feeling good I would do a couple pick-ups mid run. I think I got the term from Janae at Hungry Runner Girl… but a pick-up is pretty much just increasing your pace for a little part of your run to bump up your heart rate, get your legs moving faster, and feel that little burn in your lungs that is terribly awesome. You can’t really see the pickups in this pace chart… I guess I need to work harder 😉

Though my pace chart wasn’t too exciting, the heart rate chart is a little more interesting. One of the reasons I like wearing a heart rate monitor is for runs like this when I pick up my pace or throw some speed, or even just want to run as steady-pace as I can… my heart rate is a major indicator of how hard I am working.

I ended up with 8.15 miles and an 8:09 min/mile pace. I did 2 miles at 8:21 min/mile, a one mile pick up at 7:43, two more miles at 8:26 min/mile, a second mile pick up at 7:33, and a final 2.16 miles at 8:10 min/mile. I tried my hardest to make the second pick up mile faster than the first… success!

I really though my shirt and shorts sort of matched when I got dressed this morning but I guess it was early or I have no sense of fashion because I don’t think they do at all. These Champion shorts are amazing. It feels like you aren’t even wearing anything! I put BodyGlide on because I know I will chafe no matter what shorts I wear without it. The elastic doesn’t dig in at all with these shorts too… love ’em.

A fabulous run is a great way to start your day. Getting those endorphins flowing before I am stuck indoors at a desk blogging pretending to work being an excellent customer service rep. French toast is another great way to start you day. Carbs + endorphins = love.

This text made my day. I really enjoy that this is when people think of me. There are currently 3 jars of peanut butter open in my fridge… and probably 6 in the pantry. I have lived through one too many of these tragic situations so the Murray family is always packin’. Literally… my dad took a jar of peanut butter with him on his work trip because the thought of being without it for 11 days was just too much to bear.

What are your plans for the weekend?!



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