No pre-race jitters… yet!

It feels like yesterday I was unpacking my suitcase from Calgary’s marathon but somehow it was three weeks ago. My bag is all repacked and ready to go to Banff! I highly recommend registering for races a week or two before the event because you don’t have any time to get worked up about it or start freaking out. I don’t really have any crazy time goals for the Banff Half Marathon so I am ready to enjoy the race and take in all of the gorgeous scenery. 

I didn’t do very much of a taper for the race because I am certainly not racing the event. I still did my Thursday speed work and it almost killed me off. 1600 m repeats… gross. Good thing I only did 2 😉 I donated blood on Wednesday night so of course that means I used my oh-so-weak body as an excuse for my slow(er) repeats Thursday morning!

It was pouring rain Thursday morning, thank goodness for the indoor track. Why make mile repeats harder than they already are? I warmed up with 4 easy miles on the treadmill then hit the track for a couple of repeats. I actually did them both in the same amount of time. 

2 X 1600 m @ 6:52

It was really hot doing them inside and I am a sweater so I was pretty sweaty by the end. I ran half of a mile in between the repeats and then did a 1.5 mile cool down for a total of just over 8 miles. I had one particularly lovely patch of sweat. Yes, mile repeats are scary but I swear I didn’t pee my pants. 

Friday was rest day. I was more than happy to take a rest day two days before the half marathon and it gave my muscles a chance to recover from my speed workout. I had to work all day but it was nice to be able to sleep in a bit before work instead of hitting the gym at the ungodly hour of 5’oclock in the morning. After 12 hours of work I had the best view driving home. 

I am usually rolling into the gym just after it opens (like 5:32 am), but this morning somehow I ended up there a few minutes early so I was the nerdy gym rat who had to wait in her car for the gym to open. At least I got prime parking. Heaven forbid I walk any further in the parking lot to go run on a treadmill?

The gym was peaceful. Not everyone likes waking up really early on a Saturday morning to workout I guess! Fine by me! It was warm outside this morning but I wanted to get some strength training done too so I ran on the treadmill.

4 miles flew by. Usually I am just warming up by 4 miles so it was a nice surprise when I glanced down to see how long I had left and it said “Distance: 3.77.” I was enthralled by Seinfeld apparently! Patrick Warburton was a guest star on the episode I watched so no wonder the time flew by! After my run I did 30 minutes of arm strength training. 

I am just so excited to run in Banff. My mom asked me if I was nervous for the run tomorrow and I was kind of taken aback because A) I didn’t really realize it was TOMORROW and B) I wasn’t too nervous. I guess the pre-race jitters just haven’t set in yet but it also helps that my main goal for this race is to enjoy it. I am considering running without my iPod so I can chat with my brother, much to his delight, and take in the scenery! This is our first time running together so we’ll see how that goes! 

What are YOUR plans for the weekend? What is your Saturday morning routine?


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