Old favourites.

This morning I had a great workout. My run took place on the treadmill again because I wasn’t just going to run and I have a gym membership for a reason 🙂 I am following a loose training schedule this summer for the Edmonton Marathon so after yesterday’s tempo run I took it easy with a short 4 mile run at a moderate pace. 4 miles at about 8:33 min/mile. It’s nice not feeling super restricted in my marathon training and being able to run when I want and how far I want every day!

Old treadmill favourite: Sports Centre. Now that hockey is over, it seems baseball and soccer have taken over the highlight reel… blah. At least the CFL season has almost started and NFL training camps are beginning. I don’t know that “ERA” means or “RBI” so baseball highlights are truly lost on me!

Old favourite: Stairclimber. Or as I have so fondly named it, the “Sweatmaster.” I can’t even spend 2 minutes on it without being drenched in sweat. It is a major workout and I love it. I spent a solid 30 minutes on it after my run this morning. Canadian Running magazine has 5 reasons why you should be running stairs (or for me, simulating it on a Stairmaster). 

Old favourite: Jay & Dan Podcast. I absolutely LOVE this podcast and it made the stair climbing go by so fast. I literally laughed out loud three times. If you are Canadian you have probably heard of Jay and Dan from TSN Sports Centre… and if you are American, well, lucky you because those two moved down to LA to be a part of For Sports 1. This podcast is hilarious.

Old favourite: PB & Banana Oatmeal. The best post-workout breakfast is peanut butter and banana oatmeal. I like my oatmeal with lots of water too so I am actually rehydrating at the same time 😉 This morning I stuck with just bananas. 

HA, yeah right. Like you would have believed that. 

This morning was filled with old favourites. I have another day off today and the only thing I have on my schedule is donating blood later in the afternoon. Whenever I am not working I end up going shopping and spending all of the money I just made working… it’s a vicious cycle! I think it is suppose to be a sunny day so there will be some iced coffee in my near future… another old favourite! 

What is something that will always be “an old favourite” to you?