Pretending I’m injured.

Yesterday it was fabulously sunny out. I worked all day and when I finally got a lunch break (ok, it was like 12:30 but I was really hungry from selling so many shoes, so it felt like a long time) I ate lunch on the picnic bench by the river. I love that I work so close to the riverside path and though I have yet to go for a run right after work, I think it is on my summer to-do list. I would run-commute but I get sweaty after running 0.23 miles so I would be pretty gross after the 4 miles it takes to get to my work. At least I would look the part of a runner. 

After work I did go for a little walk with my mom though. We set off for a couple of miles in the sunshine and after only a few minutes my left shin was killing me! I think it had something to do with standing on cement in my running shoes all day at our sidewalk sale… and killing my workouts this past week, but I had to walk super slow and was freaking out a little bit about whether or not this is what a stress fracture feels like. 

I iced it ASAP when I got home and it felt better in the evening. I decided to “treat it” like an injury and pretend I am injured in the sense that I will take my runs easy for the next few days, take rest days if I feel any pain, make sure to ice when I need to, stretch a lot, and get lots of sleep… things I think we should be doing all the time so maybe I should always pretend I am fending off an injury?

When I woke up my shin felt good, as did my glutes and all of the other things I have been complaining about so I set off for a few slow miles in the beautiful sunshine! I ran at an easy pace and my iPod died half way through my run so I just enjoyed the sound of my feet pounding the pavement.

I finished my run on a little trail that was nice and green and shaded. There was a tiny little change in elevation on this path that reminded me how much I needed to work on my hill training this summer. 

I felt great during the run but will take my run tomorrow really easy too just to be safe. 16 weeks of marathon training, which for me and my month of injury, added up to just over 500 miles, and then running the actual marathon, wears down the body a lot. I read that for each mile you race, you need a day of recovery. Aka 26.2 miles = 26.2 days of easy running/cross training/rest. Runner’s World has a good article about what to do post-marathon here

Do YOU jump straight back into running after a race? 

I decided to cut my mileage back to 50% of my peak marathon training mileage and then slowly build back up again. Getting injured sucks… plain and simple… so now I will try and run smart so that I can run hard this summer!


  1. I pulled right back over the last week (walking, swimming…but no running) to recover enough to get back into “normal” tri training this week. I would usually take more time off after an endurance run as it’s so important to let your body recover and energy levels to come back up! Enjoy your recovery!

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