Sibling cycling – 60 km of pure enjoyment.

Even after spending the weekend with me, running a race with me, and driving 9 hours with me, my brother still wasn’t sick of me. I may have changed that yesterday morning when I woke him up before his usual time (of 11 am) and proposed that we go for a bike ride together. He agreed and after a little flat tire issue that my dad graciously came home and fixed for me, we were off on a lovely bike ride. We left mid-morning and it was already almost 20 degrees Celsius! 

We were planning on heading out from St. Albert to Fort Saskatchewan but we got about 22 km in and we came to a highway that we just couldn’t cross without getting hit and dying. We turned back and came up with a couple of other detours to make up 60 km. At 42 km (one of my favourite distances ;), we stopped for a snack. My brother was in need of some fuel so we stopped at a park and had some bananas, water, and energy bars. 

Stuart cycled with the Camelbak and I had a water bottle on my bike. I think he was ready to call it quits at our pit stop but we polished off the last 18 km, albeit a little slower! I had a blast and I didn’t get sore at all on the ride! Tomorrow might be a different story though! I was ready to take a day off of running, even though my Monday run was just a few miles of jogging in Banff. Cycling is such a fun cross training activity!

Biking is such a great way to explore where you live! I would be kind of scared to cycle in Edmonton because there is a lot of traffic but there are many great paved country roads around St. Albert that will be heavily used this summer! I was especially excited to get on my bike because the Tour De L’Alberta is coming up soon and I still haven’t decided if (or what distance) I will be riding. 60 km felt great and I wasn’t even tired at the end so I am contemplating 100 km just to challenge myself!

Stuart and I were smart this morning and put on lots of sunscreen before we left for our 2.5 hour ride. I guess my skin was fairly sticky from all of the sunscreen because I had a ton of bugs stuck to me at the end. Gross. I had wiped most of them off before I remembered to take a photo!

I think Stuart has officially started to get sick of spending so much time with me… especially because I wake him up so early. Actually, I suspect he started to get sick of me at about kilometre 40 yesterday. I am so proud of him for sticking it out, especially because, as he reminded me, he ran a half marathon only two days ago! It was actually a really fun morning and I can’t wait to get back on my bike!

Are you a fan of cycling? 

Favourite mid-ride snack? I feel like I have so many more options for snackage when I am cycling compared to running because my stomach is crazy sensitive on the run but fine with almost anything on the bike! I love love love Clif bars. 


  1. Mackenzie, those GORP bars are made by Kris’s cousin, Kyla’s cousin right in Niverville, Manitoba. I only managed 40 km on my bike so didn’t ride with the kids – next time!

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