Sunday runday… sticking close to home.

Another early morning run in perfect conditions this morning! Even though my left glute was a tad sore when I started the run and up until about mile 8, it was a good run. How can you not love running in the sunshine at 5:30 in the morning?

It was already almost 13 degrees by the time I was done my run! Wonderful. My Ron Hill shorts are a godsend. I think I need new running shoes… my New Balance 870s are almost done. As a running shoe “expert” I know better than to let them get worn down too much! I have been wearing these shoes for most of my runs and I think they have been my go-to shoes since before I started marathon training… five months ago… oops. Don’t tell my mom I said I need new shoes because apparently the number I have is “ridiculous and unnecessary.”

One of the reasons my glute might have been sore today was because I didn’t have time to ice it yesterday after my 8 mile pick-up run. I rushed off to work and normally after that kind of run I would throw an ice pack on it or sit on an ice pack for at least 10 minutes. I devoted my time to icing this morning which forced me to take a smoothie for breakfast to go!

I kept it nice and easy today, starting slow, and when my glute finally warmed up and got all of its kinks out, picked up the pace a tad, only to about 8:25 min/mile. I had planned out a riverside route, one big loop, to do as my run today but when I started feeling iffy my fear of injury set in and I cut back close to my house and ran a few short loops around my neighbourhood to reach 12 miles. 12.09 miles at an average moving pace of 8:41 min/mile. 

Crystal had asked yesterday what my next goals/races are and I guess I haven’t really said anything here on the blog yet but I am running a half marathon in BANFF next weekend with my brother! After running his first half marathon in Calgary, I somehow convinced him to keep up his fitness and run with me at the inaugural Banff Marathon. We are doing the half marathon next Sunday and I am crazy excited to run in such a beautiful place! 

This week was full of awesome workouts and great runs. I managed to get in some speed work after a few months without, I felt pretty good running, and my glute didn’t act up at all until today! Friday I took a much needed rest day and it was amazing what it did for my legs… refreshed is an understatement. 

Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads out there including the best one in the entire world. This guy is my rock and I love him so so so much. If you ever wonder where I get all of my sarcasm… my dad is to blame 😉 LOVE YOU DAD. (He doesn’t have a moustache anymore but I just love this picture too much not to use it).



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