Treadmill tempo tuesday.

I am 100% sure that alliteration was the only weapon in my arsenal in high school english class when I was titling essays. I liked how fun it sounded, hence today’s title. Yesterday my brother was going to go for a walk after dinner so my mom and I joined him. He said he just liked walking in the peaceful countryside with his music… probably suggesting that he didn’t want us to come but we did anyway.

He enjoyed having us there in the end… I think. He liked it even more because we were wearing matching jackets. I had 3 layers under my jacket because it was windy and I didn’t want to be cold! Yes, it is June… Alberta just hasn’t received the message yet!

We walked 5 miles. Fresh air always helps me sleep better before bed. It is a good thing they are doing lots of construction out in the fancy neighbourhoods that we walked by because I ate about half of a giant Costco watermelon before we went for a walk and my bladder was on the brink of explosion. Port-a-potties are life savers. 

It was a lovely walk and you could smell these lilac bushes from really far away. They are so pretty!

It was super windy which was good going one direction but terrible going the other. I was glad we weren’t running in this! My mom put her hood up and this was the view we had of her for the entire walk. She likes to be ahead of everyone so she always walks a few feet ahead. If anyone catches up to her she walks faster. It’s a control thing 😉 She set the “leisurely Murray walking pace” early and we did about 14-minute miles. 

It is difficult deciding whether to run outside or inside nowadays because I like doing strength training after my run at the gym, yet I like running outside more. I always promise myself that I will do some weights at home or at least some core work when I get back from a run but I never do, so my only hope at getting stronger is to run at the gym and lift weights after the treadmill. That is exactly what I did today. A 6 mile tempo run, one warm up, four at 8:00 min/mile and then one cool down. I did a pre-warm-up warm up on the elliptical for 10 minutes because my hamstrings felt tight this morning! 30 minutes of shoulders and back and then 15 minutes of stretching followed. 

These Champions shorts that I talked about a few weeks ago are FABULOUS! They feel like they are hugging your butt, weird I know, but they feel great! I had BodyGlide on but they didn’t ride up a ton anyway because of the material. 

I really didn’t feel like I pushed the tempo pace today which is a good thing. I haven’t run fast since the marathon so I am getting back into it slowly. 8:00 min/mile felt tough but a good tough. The leg press and stretching felt amazing after the run. It’s all about habit now… I just have to make stretching part of my routine.

Something that made you laugh today… GO! 

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  1. I can’t wait to get back into the gym routine once schools out! I laughed hard when my VP told me about a funny bumper sticker on someone’s car….lol…too inappropriate to type!

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