U of A Convocation – Bachelor of Science in hand!

Yesterday I had my University of Alberta convocation to receive my Bachelor of Science degree. My dad was in Ottawa for work and my brother was working so it was just my mom and I. She was the best little supporter/photographer/umbrella-holder/cheerleader out there. I couldn’t have made it to this point without her and my dad and their bank account

We drove to the University and picked up my cap and gown and then walked in the pouring rain to the auditorium. When I was putting on my gown I couldn’t find the sash and I have absolutely no idea how I lost it. I ran out and looked everywhere we had walked and eventually ended up going back and picking up a new one. To say my hair was ruined is an understatement. It takes me soooo long to curl my hair because it is thick and naturally pretty straight… it took less than five minutes in the rain to lose all of the curls. Fun times.

After running around the University campus in the rain we had a little photo session with me in my cap and gown and by then it was time for the ceremony. The convocation took place in the Jubilee Auditorium in Edmonton and it is a gorgeous place. Decorated in U of A green and gold it looked even better!

The ceremony was just over two hours long. This particular convocation was just for general study Bachelor of Science graduates and there were hundreds of us. After a few speeches by the chancellor, the president, an MP, and the honorary doctorate recipient, David Schindler, we all got to walk across the stage and shake hands with the chancellor. 

Our University of Alberta president is wicked hilarious. She was so down-to-earth and with it. Her speech was by far the best and she seems like such an amazing person. 

I don’t really remember crossing the stage at all because as soon as I stepped up to the green X, everything became a blur. I don’t even recall my name being called! After I was back to my seat I felt content… I am so glad I went to the ceremony because it felt like the official ending to my degree. I have been accepted to grad school in the fall so I feel like this was a nice chance to celebrate all that I have accomplished so far in my post-secondary education. 

I actually started my degree at North Island College, then transferred to the University of Victoria, and then did my final two years at the University of Alberta. I guess if I wasn’t such a badass in school I wouldn’t be expelled so often 😉 Bachelor of Science, majoring in Biological Sciences and minoring in Chemistry. I took so many awesome electives, so even though I was in the Science Faculty, I got to experience so many different areas including history, physical education, philosophy, program planning, and english. 

That obviously means I’m super smart. 

I am proud to be a member of the University of Alberta alumni and I am so happy to have graduated from this awesome school. Don’t worry U of A, I will be back in the fall 😉

I overestimated how much free time we would have between picking up the cap and gown and the ceremony so I didn’t bring a lunch or food… which is totally unlike me. I went EIGHT hours without eating… EIGHT. That’s like 5 meals. When the convocation was over and I found my mom, our eyes locked and all she had to say was one word, “FOOD.” We dropped off the gown and then drove to a restaurant that was super close. It was a vegan restaurant called Noorish and it was reeeeeaaallly good. I don’t think it was because I was super hungry, but the food tasted amazing. I had the raw lasagna (zucchini noodles, walnut meat sauce and cashew cheese) and even though it sounds gross, it was unreal. So flavourful and delicious. 

I am planning many more meals at that restaurant because there were so many dishes that kept coming out of the kitchen that looked amazing! It is refreshing to go to a restaurant that doesn’t serve giant portions of greasy food that you question whether or not it was just microwaved or reheated from the freezer. I love finding unique restaurants with fresh food because those are worth the money when you do decide to go out for dinner, which is not often for my family!

Thank you to everyone who congratulated me and has supported me throughout my four undergraduate years! It takes a lot of work but it is also really awesome. Congrats to my fellow 2014 graduates!


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