18.2 miles, one moose, two bunnies, and a sunrise.

I was weirdly excited for today’s long run. I wanted to run slow and long, not caring about pace or time, and just enjoying the run. I picked up a shift at work that started at 8:45 am and I knew that in order to get my long run done before work I would have to do it super early. Running after work would be insane because it has been crazy hot lately, last summer I did twelve miles in heat like this and it was terrible! My alarm was set for 4:30 am and when I got up I had my NEW pre-run meal of a Clif bar and a banana. Worked like a charm once again. I think I’ve found my answer for pre-run breakfast food. I began my run at 4:56 am. I couldn’t get over how gorgeous the sunrise was.

I broke down, people. I bought a Fuel Belt. I knew that summer long runs would take a lot more water than I normally drink (exactly 0.00000043 ounces) and to have better runs I would need to drink. I HATE holding stuff when I run, especially something that is sloshing around, so I opted for the two bottle Fuel Belt. I can always buy an add-on bottle if I find I don’t have enough in the two,

This was one of the best runs in a long time. I had the streets to myself, a couple of new Jay & Dan podcasts on my iPod, and a new water belt that so far was working for me. I strapped it to the narrowest part of my waist because I had no idea where it was suppose to go. I figured if it was there it wouldn’t have anywhere to move and wouldn’t bounce up and down. I actually really liked it. Having water at my finger tips and a pocket for my iPod and my Honey Stingers energy chews is worth looking like a running nerd. I drank BOTH of the bottles… be proud.

I ran into one lady on the path by the river and she told me she had just seen a little moose in the park not too far ahead of me. I looked hard and thought I heard it but wasn’t too sure. I unfortunately didn’t see it though! I did see a couple of bunnies though, and a hot air balloon.

I ran a total of 18.20 miles at an average pace of 8:56 min/mile. I felt reeeeeeally comfortable at this pace and it felt good to take it slow and just enjoy the run. Maybe I felt good because I was drinking water… nah, couldn’t be 😉 

I didn’t have as much time as I would have liked to stretch and cool down because I had to shower quickly and go to work. The shower was a stinger. I noticed while I was running that my heart rate monitor was chafing. It wasn’t extremely painful, just a little pinch that let me know it was happening. It hasn’t done this before so it may have been the distance, the heat, or any number of factors but I have heard a bandaid (on the HR monitor) really helps. I will try that next time! BUT unlike yesterday, the HR monitor synched right away this morning!

I knew I would be in a big hurry this morning after my run so I made sure to pack a breakfast AND a lunch for work. I didn’t have time to eat before I left for work and I wanted to make sure I had some good recovery food after almost 3 hours of running. Kashi cereal, soy milk, and strawberries = delicious recovery food. The cereal is a protein and fibre cereal so in addition to carbs I got some yummy protein in as well!

I am really happy with my Fuel Belt. It didn’t chafe me at all and not once did I have to readjust it. The pocket is fairly big and fits my iPhone! I think it will be great to have, especially during the summer, and mostly for super long runs! I wore one of the Moving Comfort (Brooks) bras that I received from Brooks on my run today and it was great! I will be writing a review soon and I can’t wait to wear it again! I was so happy to be done running as the sun was climbing higher and higher in the sky! 4:30 am always seems terrible until you are out there… I never regret it. 

Did YOU go for a long run today? 

Three words that describe your weekend – GO!


  1. Wow, that’s an early run!!! I have a similar fuel belt!! I do love it for my long runs, as geeky as it looks, lol. I put my phone, gels and key in the pocket and fill all four bottles of water. Great job on the 18 miler!

  2. A FUEL BELT??? Awesome job on the run. I know I never like setting my alarm for that time, but once I’m outside it always feels amazing.
    – Shawn

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