A humid recovery run and the salads continue.

I was kind of thankful for my recovery run today. Not only was I recovering from Tempo Tuesday, but my 50 km bike ride after as well! It only cooled down to 16 degrees Celsius overnight and the air was super humid and sticky this morning! My legs were a little sore from yesterday’s exercise so I took it really easy with my pace and just ran as fast slow as I wanted. 

I ran on the back roads because they are so quiet. There is usually a weird fog that sits on the fields and the rivers in the morning and it is equally cool and creepy. I passed about three vehicles during the entire run and they all waved at me! It was probably because I wasn’t wearing my scary sunglasses… 

I had the Jay & Dan Podcast to keep me entertained this morning. I have decided to listen to podcasts and stuff on my easy-paced runs and then my running music when I want to run a little faster. I have been trying to find a good podcast that I can listen to on my long runs… any suggestions? It doesn’t have to be running related, just something to keep me entertained and keep my mind off the fact that I am running for three hours. 

I made sure to track this morning’s run on the Mizuno app as well. It was only slightly off this morning and gave me an extra third of a mile. I only have 5 days left, I better get running! It kind of gives me extra motivation to get an extra walk in too! 

The compartmentalizated salads are still going strong. Yes, this container is my favourite container for salads. I will bring it home from work, leave it on the counter until it annoys my mom so much she washes it wash it right away, and repack a salad in it for the next day. This container has never leaked on me and it is the perfect size… aka probably too big for normal people but fits my gigantic salads perfectly!

Any suggestions for podcasts? I am a huge fan of the Jay & Dan podcast so that gives you an idea of how sophisticated I require a podcast to be. I tried the Jillian Michaels one but an hour of her voice and I was done… thanks, but no thanks Jillian. I would love for her to push me through a workout but for a relaxing and entertaining podcast, not my jam.

How much money have you racked up on the Mizuno app? I am challenging everyone to raise $5 today! GO!


  1. I tried making a compartmentalized yogurt bowl and was SO ANNOYED because I couldn’t get a good combo of all the flavours in each bite! So I think the same might happen with salads…yours sure do look a lot prettier, though. 🙂

  2. If you’re looking for something just interesting/relaxing I always listen to “this American life” (can you get that in Canada???) I also listen to “stuff you missed in history class”

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