A race this weekend?

Yesterday was speed work day. I did a combination of sprints and hill repeats – the best of both worlds for speed work. I also did a lot of warm-up, cool down, and in between miles. I saw my mom at one point on my run so of course I had to run with her for a bit! I did a hill pyramid and a few short sprint intervals. I was able to maintain pace or run faster (than my average pace) up the hills which was awesome!

Keeping my speed work to about 0.04% of my weekly mileage… isn’t that how the elites do it? Needless to say that after some great runs and over 26 miles in three days, I was ready for my rest day. The best way to start off a rest day is a sleep-in, a cup of coffee, and some oatmeal. 

It is getting hotter and hotter each morning when I do run, so hydration is becoming more and more important… as per this reminder on my daily Runner’s World calendar. I am glad I have my FuelBelt now so I can actually drink water on the run! Just because we are running the same distance at the same pace over the same elevation, we might need more water because it is hotter and more humid this time of year! We are just sweating a whole bunch more… no? Just me?

Today’s rest day also means mentally preparing myself to do my long run tomorrow instead of Sunday! On Sunday I will be going to a race in Edmonton! I’m not running it though – I’m volunteering! It is my first time volunteering at a race and I am kind of excited! After all of the ones I have run, I figure it is my turn to help out. I recruited my mom and my brother as well so we are going to be one heck of a fun water station. For anyone running the Moose is Loose Trail Run in Edmonton, AB this weekend – see you just past kilometre 5 at water station #2!

The race takes place in the River Valley of Edmonton. I have never run the trails there but have heard incredible things about them so I am interested to see what they are like. My mom and I may or may not wear our running gear there so we can go for a little run when our volunteering duties are done. 

I am excited to be able to watch the race from the other side! Being a volunteer means seeing the crazy fast first place runners and then watching the entire race unfold before your eyes. We get to see the runners twice because it is an out-and-back course so we will see how people change between kilometre 5 and 16! When you are running a race yourself you stick close to a few people who are running relatively the same pace as you and you don’t get to see the rest of the pack! I have heard that you should volunteer at one race for every four races you run… I have some catching up to do!

Have you ever volunteered at a race? Where were you positioned? Any tips or suggestions on how to handle a water station?


  1. You’ll have a blast at the water station. I volunteered last year at the St. Albert marathon, and like you said it was interesting watching the race, instead of actually running it!
    Make sure you guys get out for that run in the river valley after!!
    – Shawn

  2. Great job on your Speed work Kris! I have volunteered before at a race. it was really fun to hand the race kits out and things like that. it was at the bluenose marathon here in Halifax …although I do admit when everyone started running I had serious race envy LOL!

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