Another Saturday Long Run.

I have a scary long bike ride tomorrow. Actually it’s only 100 km but I feel kind of underprepared. I am doing one of the middle distances for the Tour De L’Alberta, Alberta’s biggest one-day road race. If cycling used the exact same muscles as running I’d be fine but I have been focusing so much on running that I feel I have slacked in the cross-training and cycling department. Oh well, as the lovely package pick-up people informed my dad and I, “It’s not a race, it’s just for fun!”
I will be fully occupied on my road bike tomorrow so I decided to do my weekend long run today. It was still weird doing my typical “Sunday long run” on a Saturday. I was really glad my long run dropped down to 16 miles today, if it was another 20+ I would have about 3% of my leg strength left for the cycling tomorrow!

As always I mapped out my run the night before and chose to hike up this gravel road hill again. It kicks my butt but in a good way. The gravel road feels amazing after running on pavement for miles. I really need to get into trail running. It may not look big in the photo but it is a tough hill… where you can’t see the road anymore, it is a steep decline!

Yesterday the wind and rain was insane. With constant wind of about 60 km/h and gusts of up to 90 km/h, coupled with a downpour of rain, it was so gross out! The trails took a beating and I saw one too many trees like this one!

The winds had died down by this morning but the rain just kept coming. It was nice and cool and not raining when I left but half an hour in it decided to start pouring again. I was doing really well avoiding the puddles until I stepped in probably the biggest, muddiest, grossest puddle on my route. White socks are meant to get dirty.

I didn’t bring a hat because of the lack of rain when I was starting so my hair was one giant knot when I got home. My jacket was plastered to my body and I only drank one of my bottles of water from my FuelBelt because somehow the rain makes me forget that I need to drink. I also forgot to eat my energy chews. My stomach started growling at mile 14 and I realized I had left the package of Honey Stingers Orange Blosson energy chews in my FuelBelt pocket untouched. There was no point in opening them with less than twenty minutes left so I figured I would save them for next run. How I forgot to eat them I don’t know?

I swear my Champion gear is the best stuff for long runs. THIS shirt has the weirdest texture and I was skeptical until I put it on. It wicks like no man’s business and is super comfortable. It has the perfect length and hasn’t ridden up on my shorts or anything. It has lately been my go-to long run shirt, along with my Ron Hill shorts.

I always (well, after I learned what happens when you run too fast on your long runs) take my long runs really easy pace-wise. I also knew that I needed to save some energy and muscle strength for the Tour De L’Alberta tomorrow so I went even easier. I targeted about 9:10 min/mile and stuck to a sub-150bpm heart rate. My pace was pretty consistent and for me that usually means it was a great long run pace to stick to.

Another long run done on a Saturday and another one in the rain. Maybe it always rains Saturday mornings? 16 miles at a 9:03 min/mile pace. I felt pretty good considering how sore I was after walking for 27 miles on Wednesday. I jump up to another long run next SUNDAY and then it is three weeks until the marathon and I am closing in on taper time!

I have no idea what to expect for tomorrow’s cycle “race” and I plan on having fun! I am just excited to get some quality cycling time in! After over 58 miles of walking and running this week I am ready to hit up the bike!

Exciting weekend plans?! Is anyone racing this weekend?

Has anyone ever legitimately forgotten to fuel during a run?


  1. Great run.
    So, a 16mile long run…an ultra-marathon walk…AND a metric century ride?!! Quite the week of fitness!
    – Shawn

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