Cadence Run and some exciting stuff.

This morning I was ready to run little faster than I have been. Not “400 m repeats” fast that I skipped yesterday but I decided to try and get a tempo run done today. I had 6 miles on my loosely-followed-marathon-plan so I wanted to make those miles count. I was aiming for about 8:00 min/mile, STEADY pacing, and I wanted to see if I could get my cadence closer to 180 spm (strides per minute). I usually hover around 170 spm, depending on my speed, so I just had to get my legs turning over a little faster. You know it will be a good run when you get up and the sun is streaming through the window!

I did everything I could this morning to try and get my watch to detect my heart rate monitor but after walking around my driveway like a loser for 5 minutes, spritzing water on it, doing a light jog to make my heart beat faster, and whining… I just left without my beats detected. Too bad because tempo runs are sometimes fun to watch on a heart rate chart. 

I set off on the gorgeous country roads where is was so quiet AND FLAT. The only person I saw on my run was my friend Shawn who turned around with me and ran the last half of my run with me! He always has exactly 180 spm cadence on his runs (like freakishly so), so I tried my best to get in synch with his footsteps. I think it worked and even though at some points I felt like a weirdo with strange running form, I hit 178 spm, a lot closer to 180 than normal! I ran up a whole 15 ft of elevation… half of that was my driveway. 

My tempo pace was 7:52 min/mile and at some points it felt hard and some points really easy. So strange. By the time I got home it was already 14 degrees and climbing fast. This weekend is suppose to be about 30 degrees Celsius every day! Running in the summer means running early! 

Tempo runs are a mental game. When I don’t have to run “far” it is easier to tell myself to run faster. To make sure I could run extra fast I wore my Brooks PureCadence2 shoes… lightweight and perfect for speed work or tempo runs. Plus, purple. I just had to include the flowers in there. 

Speaking of Brooks, stay tuned in the coming weeks for some BROOKS REVIEWS. I have been generously given the opportunity to try out some Brooks running gear and write up my opinion on their stuff! I have been a HUGE Brooks fan for a while and their tagline “Run Happy” makes me smile 🙂 I like to get at least a couple of runs or workouts in gear before I give a full review so stay tuned!

I hit both of my goals today on my run: A) Tempo pace of sub-8:00 and B) closer to 180 spm cadence. It was such a nice surprise to find a running friend on my run and it definitely made the last half of my run (the harder half) go by fast! I hope my heart rate monitor works tomorrow and that today was just a fluke!

Do you ever run with a cadence goal?

What does “Run Happy” mean to YOU?


  1. It can take a while to get your turnover happening faster, and feel comfortable. Try shorter strides. Heart rate monitors are touchy sometimes. It might need to be quite wet, not just damp. Or placement has to be just right. Play with it when you aren’t itchy to go for a run, and get it sussed out. Batteries maybe?

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