‘Canadian Girl Runs’ runs on Canada Day.


If you haven’t seen THIS Buzzfeed article about Americans trying to label the Canadian provinces and territories, it is hilarious. To all of my American readers, could you label our map? Also, THIS is where you should live in Canada… because you know you want to. I got Northwest territories when I did the quiz. I actually considered applying for a couple of jobs there so maybe I should consider it!

And because I thought it was funny…

Naturally, Canadian Girl Runs ran on Canada Day. Because it is Canada and you really never know what to expect with the weather in July… it was 9 degrees Celsius and raining sideways when I went to go for my run today. My dad was practically sitting at the window waiting for it to clear up so he could go for a bike ride and I suggested we check out some local gyms instead. Yep, treadmill in July. Most gyms here are 24/7 but only staffed certain hours so the only one that was open with staff was Good Life. My mom, my dad, and I went and it was our most expensive outing yet!

I hit up the treadmill for my planned 8 miles but it came in two parts because the GoodLife treadmills quit at 60 minutes. I guess I could have tried to run 7:30 min/mile buuuuut that didn’t happen.

8 miles in 66:48… 8:21 min/mile. I was sweating like crazy. It was really humid and hot in there (to try and simulate what a normal July run should be like?) and my dad brought me a towel, like a bath towel, half way through because I was throwing sweat bullets everywhere. It felt good and I didn’t push my pace too much. I was stoked to see real live stairclimbers at the gym so I had to spend just a little time on those. At my home gym they have steppers but not stair mills… not the same, I love da mill.

Yesterday the girls enjoyed an afternoon at the spa. Some of us had gift cards for Ten Spa, at the Fort Garry Hotel. It was heaven. I had my first ever body wrap… the Herbal Mud Body Cocoon. I would gladly have a man rub salt, mud, and lotion all over my body anytime. My skin is so soft it’s ridiculous. When you are actually in the mud cocoon, you are floating in water with a cucumber mask on your face and your aesthetician is giving you a foot massage… I think I want to go back right now!

To all of the Canadians – Happy Canada Day! I love celebrating our country and I am super proud to be Canadian… hence the blog name. If you are reading from anywhere else in the world you are welcome to celebrate with us, we’d love to have you. We’ll bring the beer… and the polar bears… obviously. 

Where are YOU reading from?

If you are in Canada – how are you celebrating today?


  1. I’m reading from the States (Virginia more specifically :)). The ‘Americans labeling Canada’ map is 100% accurate, I think I only know where B.C. and Ontario are haha. I’m totally jealous of the spa, that sounds amazing!

  2. That Buzzfeed article is good stuff. haha. I may have taken the quiz a few times but I finally got it to say BC…here I come Victoria! lol
    Hopefully the weather improves for your vacation, although it appears you’re making do with some inside activities. 🙂
    – Shawn

  3. Happy Canada Day! That map is funny. I laughed at the ‘Newfoundland’ label and then the ‘or maybe Newfoundland’ one…lol. I’m living in Nova Scotia but originally from Newfoundland. Great job on your run! Those Goodlife TMs drove me bonkers in the winter when they’d quit at 60 min.

  4. Happy Canada Day!!

    I live in Ottawa – so the city goes a little nuts for Canada Day (understandably!) So far we have had a swim in the pool and about to go to an annual party my friends put on for Canada Day. *Maybe* fireworks later!

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