Champion: Fashion meets comfort meets running.

A couple of months ago I received some products from Champion to test out and you can check out that review HERE. I really did love them and I think they are really underrated with all of the Lululemon and Nike crazed people out there. I haven’t found a better sports bra than THIS one and I wear it as much as I can… which means I actually have to do my laundry sometimes. It is so easy to put on and even though it is supportive and tight where you want it to be tight when it is on, it is somehow magically easy to put on and take off. Magic. Well, I am pretty sure this is best thing to come home to after an 11 hour day at work. 

The amount of pink in the box made me really happy. On Tuesday, I had an early morning spin class and a 10 mile treadmill run. I wasted no time in trying out the new Champion gear and I pulled out THIS tank top to go over my favourite sports bra. I loved the fit as soon as I put it on. It is light, flowy, and comfortable. I also LOVED the colourS! Yes, two colours! It is bright pink in the front and a plum purple in the back! 

It was awesome for running AND for spin. The gym is very hot and humid this time of year so spin classes and treadmill runs get a little sweaty but this bad boy was up to the task. It is long enough that when I am doing hovers in spin, it doesn’t ride up to show my back and when I am running it goes to a comfortable hip length! I am almost 6′ tall, so finding long enough shirts is tough. Crop tops came back in style? Um, they have been my style for 21 years now.

I just loved the fit and feel of the tank but I couldn’t get over how cute it looked too. You know me, I am all about the fashion. I mean, this blog could basically be a fashion blog… obviously. I would probably wear this tank with denim shorts because of how cute it is. Champion is sure making my whole wear-nothing-but-workout-clothes a lot easier. 

I tested out the Champion shorts on my trail run yesterday. It was hot, it was humid, and I had NO chafing. Plus, they are pink… enough said. You can find all of the technical information about the shorts HERE. They are called the Champion PerforMax Women’s Shorts. Nothing but the best. 

You can even see how breathable they are with those perforated sides. The trails may have kicked my butt but at least my butt still looked good. For longer runs I would probably still stick with my tighter/longer shorts just because they don’t ride up or chafe for hours of running but for anything ten miles or less I would definitely cinch up these shorts. The waist band is nice and thick and comes to the perfect place on my hips. 

If you are getting tired of seeing pink, don’t fret… I wasn’t the only one who was happy a box from Champion had arrived. The people at Champion were kind enough to send my brother Stuart a workout shirt! He only has about two so maybe they were tired of seeing the same shirts in my blog posts 😉 He was so happy and put it on right away for his next workout!

“I like the back of it, ’cause it’s like, mesh. So it’s like, airy.”

Direct quote. Clearly only a fraction of the people in this household know how to eloquently string words together to form sentences. He did really like it though. The dark panelling is actually mesh inserts, as well as the back for ventilation. It also has Adaptive technology – the harder you work, the faster it dries. I don’t get it either but Champion must have some awesome scientists that come up with this stuff. You can find full details on the shirt HERE

I can’t thank Champion enough. Their clothes rock. It is getting super hot here in Alberta and their PowerTrain, PowerFlex, and DoubleDry technology is keeping me cool. I was actually really weirded out by the fabric of some of the clothes that were sent to me but once you put it on you realize how comfortable it is and how awesome it is at wicking sweat, helping me stay dry, and preventing chafing. Their “weird” fabric is actually just awesome technology! And, well, their colours ROCK my wardrobe.

I still have THIS shirt to try out so stay tuned for those pics and review! This morning I set out for my last run in July. I have been meticulously keeping track of my mileage this month because I had a feeling that I would finally crack 200 this summer. Yup, 200 miles in a month. I never thought in a million years I would be running that much in a year let alone a month! To be clear these are RUNNING miles, and that means that 27 mile walk my mom and I went on is not included! I ran 7.5 miles this morning for a total of 200.22 miles in the month of July, or about 320 km. I guess that’s what happens in peak marathon training season!

Do you keep track of your mileage?

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  1. I literally laughed out loud at your bro’s comment on bus shirt. It is exactly what my husband would say if I brought hone that shirt. Lol.

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