Eating on Vacation.

Arriving home from vacation yesterday felt great. I miss my cousins already, but it will be nice to get back to routine. Not just exercise (I mean c’mon, I actually miss lifting my 2 lb. weights) but eating. When we were on the road all day, visiting relatives, having family bar-b-ques every single day, and sleeping in more than usual, it was a challenge to stay super healthy and maintain a clean diet but we did a pretty good job. Of course there were some treats, but that is life! On days where we would be eating out most of the time or having breakfast at 11 and then counting on a big family dinner that night, I actually found myself craving vegetables. At home I eat a ton of fresh veggies and fruit, so it was weird to not eat my normal 27 servings. 

On the road:

When we were packing up our vehicle to drive almost 1500 km east to Manitoba, I am pretty sure half of our luggage was food. We had a big cooler bag in the back seat with tons of vegetables and fruit. Carrot sticks, peppers, cucumbers, light cheese, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, apples… it was the perfect food for munching. I don’t know about you but when I am driving for hours on end I get bored. Instead of reaching for unhealthy snacks we made sure our car was full of delicious, clean food that we all enjoyed.

We couldn’t just live off of fruits and vegetables, so we made a stop at Subway for lunch. Subway is our go-to. Fresh, healthy sandwiches that can be customized and taste amazing… YES PLEASE. As a vegetarian, I usually opt for the egg white, falafel, or veggie sub. I ask for all of the vegetables, except jalapeños, and add one of their “light” sauces like mustard on top! Some days I get a chopped salad instead. On the road I saved some of my dressing (asked for “on the side”) to dip my carrot sticks in. Sweet onion rocks my socks.

After the half marathon on Sunday, all I wanted for lunch was Subway. I had a MAJOR craving. Wish granted as my dad and I made our way to MEC to shop. I got a foot long sub because I had just done over 16 miles and justified it as “refuelling.”

Family Events:

During family events like BBQs, dinners, and just hanging out, sometimes we eat a little less vegetables and a little more of everything else. It’s a good thing my relatives ROCK and had more than enough options for healthy food at most of our BBQs and events. There was always fresh fruit cut up and at least one person always brought a veggie tray. I was offered a veggie burger about 21809641 times on vacation. I swear I ate one every day and I was pretty sure I was starting to look like a veggie burger. Even on vacation, in someone else’s home, there are always healthy options. If not, you could bring your own!

Eating out:

Eating out is tricky, especially for a vegetarian. We only ate out at restaurants a couple of times, thank goodness. I had a delicious quinoa salad on Osbourne, a greek salad and whole wheat pita from Opa! while shopping, a mushroom and green pepper omelette with dry toast in Carman, and some vegetables, pita, and hummus at Ten Spa. Oh… and… uh, a big plate of nachos with my mom at Nourish in Banff!


Life is too short to live without chocolate (a direct quote from my mom). I could live without candy but chocolate? Not a chance. I am a dark chocolate lover so that is my go-to treat. On vacation I didn’t try my hardest to stay away from treats and I made a point to enjoy myself. I had sweet potato fries on Canada Day, I ate dark chocolate almonds after the half marathon on Sunday, I dipped fresh strawberries in cream cheese icing at my dad’s birthday party, and I indulged in a craving I have had for the past 13 months… BDI ice cream. Brownie flurry with peanut butter ice cream. No regrets. One of the major keys in sticking to a “diet” or clean eating lifestyle is to treat yourself. It may sound counter intuitive but people who restrict and restrict and restrict eventually just give in and go overboard, whereas people who treat themselves every once and a while are able to learn a sense of moderation. 

It may not have been the best idea to preach about moderation and then show you a picture of me eating a giant ice cream flurry. 

It was kind of the best feeling every to crave spinach and broccoli and all of those good things. To me it meant my body was used to that type of food and that is what it recognized it needed as fuel. Vacation was amazing and I am happy I was able to let go of a bit of my OCD scheduled working out and routined eating and such and just go with the flow. Being healthy IS possible on vacation… the best way to do it is through moderation. 

What is your best tip/advice for eating on vacation?

Do you try and stick as closely as you can to healthy eating or is vacation a break from that too?

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