Flexibility of rest days.

I am loving not feeling uber stressed about a marathon schedule the way I had been about my Calgary one. I am still planning on running the full in Edmonton at the end of August but I am not going crazy over it… talk to me mid-August and I might say otherwise, but for now I am feeling pretty flexible about my schedule. Unfortunately that means I have been less than diligent about my speed work but that’s a story for another day. 

No more was my flexibility evident than yesterday when I took a rest day. I usually pencil in rest days on Fridays. Typically I do speed work on Thursday and after three days of running in a row I am ready to take a break. Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty hard core workout days for me and I did a total of: 45 minute spin class, 12 miles running, 120 km cycling, and 30 minutes of arms. 8 hours of exercise. I set my alarm for 5:00 am on Thursday, “intending” to do a 10 mile run with some speed work but when I got out of bed to get ready, my legs were like, “NOPE, not today sunshine.” So I listened, set my alarm for an hour and a half later, and slept with a smile on my face, knowing I had just made a really smart training decision that may have saved me an injury. 

I felt great when I woke up this morning and did yesterday’s intended 10 mile run… no speed work. Mayyyyybe I’ll do that nonsense tomorrow 😉 

I wore lots of pink and purple today, just trying to brighten it up for summer! At work yesterday a 7-year-old girl told me she liked my hot pink nails… so it turns out my sense of “cool” has not advanced past grade 2.

I felt even better about my rest day decision yesterday when I heard the pouring rain as I laid back down in my bed. I could also hear lots of wind and you know that is my least favourite running condition. I guess it was actually REALLY windy because I found this bad boy on the trail today! 

I ran on the riverside trails for half of my run and then the streets on the way back. In typical Canadian prairie fashion, I had to wait for a train to cross before I could continue my run. I typically don’t like being interrupted when I am in the zone but I was not-so-secretly thankful for the break. If it’s not a train that kills me on a run it will be people leaving for work and backing out of their driveways. THREE times this morning I stopped on the sidewalk and waited until they had fully backed out because not one person looked before they started backing out. After a few too many scares last summer I make sure I stop and make eye contact before crossing any road or anything because drivers are crazy!

10.32 miles done and done. My average pace was 8:23 min/mile overall. I did 30 minutes of arms when I got home so I could catch up on SportsCentre. I actually did shoulder presses, biceps curls, triceps kickbacks, chest press, lat raises, hammer curls, and anterior raises… and actually didn’t just sit on the floor with weights around me “stretching.” Progress.

My posts typically talk about two things… running and food (but you know that already ;)… so now to the food portion… CHECK OUT THESE NECTARINES. I had to use two hands to hold one of them. They are huge. And delicious. And I have stashed them under my bed so I can eat them all. 

My mom did a MAJOR grocery haul when we got home from holidays. I’m guessing she had two carts at Costco, or maybe one of those flat bed carts so she could hold everything. I loved coming home and seeing that our fruit bowl was overflowing with summer goodness… before I proceeded to eat it all in 2.3 days. That has to be one of the best things about summer, all of the fruit that is in season. My favourites: nectarines and raspberries. 

I have a new salad-making tactic. Compartmentalizing all of my toppings. I usually throw them all in but now I kind of love the look of each thing in its own area. Plus, I can eat one thing at a time if I want, OR mix it all together, SO MANY OPTIONS. Salad making like a weirdo pro. 

If I was getting ready for the Calgary marathon, running on a strict schedule, I probably would have gone for my 10 miler yesterday no matter what… aaaaand I think we found the reason I got injured during that training cycle! I knew that I had done a ton of working out, albeit not 8 hours of running but lots of different exercise, and my body needed a break. Running 10 miles would have likely done more harm than good, and it wouldn’t have been as good of a run as today, when I was ready for it! Flexibility of rest days, and actually taking my rest days has made a big difference in how tired I am day-to-day. Take break when your body needs it, not when your calendar says so, lesson learned 🙂

Do you schedule your rest days or take one when you need it? 

Favourite summer fruit?


  1. Sometimes drivers really are oblivious to runners haha (although I totally made that mistake once too, I went to turn and I didn’t see a runner, but luckily he had stopped!). I normally take rest days as I need them instead of scheduling them in, but then again I’m not really one to follow a strict schedule 🙂 Costco’s mangos are rocking my socks lately!

  2. When I’m running along in the morning, and see a car backing out (I pay careful attention) and I can see that they haven’t seen me, I will continue my run on a collision course. At the last moment I’ll stop, and knock politely on the car. Watching the drivers nearly crap themselves is gold. GOLD!

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