Hey Banff, I’m baaaaaack.

This morning I did a bit of a shake-out run to start off my day. I am running the Stampede Road Race half marathon tomorrow and after a looooong day of driving yesterday I really needed to stretch and loosen up my legs. An easy 4 miles felt good, pace of about 8:29 min/mile, then a 2.5 mile cool down walk and some abs and stretching. I feel really underprepared for tomorrow and I want to mentally set a goal but I really and truly don’t know what my body will want to do tomorrow. 

Note: when you don’t know where you are and are running in a foreign town, just back track when you are trying to get home 😉

The boys went golfing and the girls hit the road to BANFF. It has been two weeks since I was there and I was already missing it like crazy. The mountains just feel like home. A couple of other people had the same idea I guess. 

First stop: coffee. I have given up on trying to have my name spelled correctly on my cup. IT’S FOUR LETTER PEOPLE. 

We wandered around Banff and looked in a few stores. There were lots of people there and it was nice just to hang out and not have any real plans while we were there. We got a little hungry soooo… 27-topping-nachos were the answer. My mom was the one who turned me on to them last time we went there and they are so amazing, so we had them for lunch! Trying to name the 27 toppings is impossible. 

After lunch we drove around the lakes a little bit and enjoyed the scenery. So many people were walking, running, biking, hiking, canoeing, and kayaking. I was uber jealous. 

When we were driving home we stopped in at Canmore. I have never explored downtown Canmore and have mostly just used the town for bathroom breaks just off the highway. They have the neatest downtown and some super funky shops. I was in love with a home decor store and probably could have bought out half of the store… if I had a million dollars. (Did you start singing the Bare Naked Ladies song too?)

Canmore is still in the mountains so it is gorgeous. It is outside of Banff National Park so if you want to hit up the mountains but don’t want to buy a park pass, try Canmore! It was nice and hot when we were there!

On the road home we decided on a mountain that we would try and climb. These are the Three Sisters and my aunt has climbed the middle sister, so I think we want to try and hike it. It is beautiful and would be a good day hike. Before we knew it we were back on flat land. The mountains disappear so quickly. 

Another short stop in Cochrane to explore their historic downtown. We looked in a few stores and they also have an adorable little downtown. You never know what is off the highway until you go there! They have an infamous  ice cream place called “Mackays” and there were people lined up down the street for it. I don’t think ice cream would have been the best fuel for tomorrow’s half so we skipped the ice cream for now! 

Such a fun day in the mountains with my mom. If I wasn’t running tomorrow I would be hiking or biking with her there but today was just a window shopping and nacho day! Wish me luck in the half marathon tomorrow. I really don’t know what to expect, especially when I hear there is a crazy hard hill on the course. I’m scared. Race recap will be up tomorrow after the race!

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