I love post-race walks.

After the Stampede Road Race yesterday (you can find the recap HERE), I did those 2 cool-down miles with my mom and then a 1 mile walk. That means I had done over 16 miles and I was certainly ready for an easy day today. I usually choose a walk as my post-race-day activity because it gets me moving, loosened up, and doesn’t really require too much effort. 

My mom joined me for the walk because after a few running days in a row she needed a day off. We were still staying in Airdrie, AB and had absolutely no idea where to walk and not get lost but we managed to create a nice big loop and clocked over 6 miles. I only had to use Google Maps on my phone ONCE to get directions. 

Before my mom started running (about 6 years ago) she used to walk for at least an hour every single day. It was her thing. In many of the small towns we lived in she was known around town for being a walker and people would see her out there religiously walking every morning. She can probably walk faster than some people run so when I told people she walked marathons I always added “… but she is a SUPER fast walker.” 

I think walking every day is so great for not only physical health but mental health, emotional health, spiritual health, social health, etc. If there is one thing most ANYONE can do to improve their health…  it is WALK. Seeing my mom walk every day for years and years made me realize that fitness doesn’t have to be hard. You can do it pretty much anywhere and it is one of the greatest ways to explore places. Trails, roads, paths, mountains… just walk 🙂

Walking, for me, is perfect for the day after a race. I could easily do nothing and call it a rest day but not once have I ever said, “I really regret going out for a walk today.” I feel so much better going for a walk and taking an “active recovery” day instead of a full-do-absolutely-nothing-act-like-a-couch-potato day. Fresh air does wonders for me. My aunt lives seconds from this path (literally, 0.04 miles) so we started and ended our walk on it today!

6.49 miles of chatting with my mom, enjoying the sunshine, and giving my legs some active recovery. I kind of wish I had gone an extra 0.01 to make it an even 6.5. Did people just not have running OCD before Garmins? 

After our walk we packed up and hit the highway home. After being gone for 10 days it felt so good to come home. There is nothing like the familiarity of being in your own house. We had a ton of fun on our road trip to Manitoba and if you missed some of the highlights, including my 16 mile run last Sunday in 50 km/h winds, you can check them out HERE, HERE, and HERE

I had some slower-than-normal runs and ate one too many chocolate covered almonds but that is what vacation is about right? I was frustrated that I wasn’t clocking fast miles but I decided to embrace it and take the chance to run and walk with my mom almost daily, enjoy the scenery and lower elevation running, and make a plan of attack for when I got back home. I LOVE routine so I am really excited to get back to my second home the gym, return to strength training, and hit the roads for awesome runs on familiar ground!

If you are looking to start an exercise routine, want to reset your body after a hard training season, or just want a day of recovery after a race, try walking. It sounds ridiculous but walking is one of the best forms of exercise. It is low impact (even my dad can do it with screws in his knee!), easy, and fun! Plus, if you find some friends or family members to walk with, it kind of turns into free therapy 🙂

What is your favourite part about getting home from vacation? 

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  1. My favourite part about getting home from vacation would have to be doing all the laundry and getting back into my normal routine. I love taking my dog for a walk and getting fresh air. With the warmer temperatures now, our walks often end with me picking her up in my arms and bringing her up our hill….which is crazy embarrassing! lol

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