It may have been aliens… but I missed my spin class.

I don’t know how it happened but I missed my spin class this morning. I woke up at 6:12 am and was extremely upset that class was almost over! I had my alarm set and everything! There are many options as to what could have happened: A) I was very very tired and when my alarm went off I subconsciously turned it off and kept sleeping, B) my alarm didn’t work, or C) aliens came down and turned off my alarm so that I would be forced to exercise outside today. I think it was the third one. As upset as I was that I had missed my favourite time of the week – spin – it meant I could workout in the beautiful sunshine. 

My legs were super tired this morning and that didn’t change during the run. I was going to try and do 4 tempo miles in a row but that turned into 2 sets of 2 tempo miles. I just couldn’t get it together! I was aiming for 8:00 min/mile… I got close. In my cadence graph you can tell where my tempo miles were! 

I wore capris because that is what I had laid out for spin this morning. It was a little too warm for anything but shorts but oh well. I passed my mom running and she was wearing a cute running skirt! She looked so adorable running in it! So far my Asics GT-2000 2s are great! They feel a lot different than most of the shoes I have been running in but not in a bad way. I think the arches are in a different place and that is why they feel so different.

I made sure to activate my Mizuno app this morning before my run. I think their GPS system is a little off because I ran 8.12 miles, yet the app told me I ran 9.37. I am definitely not complaining about it being higher! So cool.

After my run I had french toast and a nectarine for breakfast and then took off on a bike ride. My bike has been in the shop for the past few days and I got it back yesterday so I wanted to take it out for a spin. They fixed my gears, my tire, and my handlebars… so basically everything. I think this was actually the first ride I went on by myself! I rode 50km at about 26 km/h and it felt good! I don’t know how 2 hours on the bike goes by so fast but it did. I had a delicious blueberry protein smoothie when I got home to refuel. 

Pretty sure that is a blueberry stuck in my teeth in the photo… classy. Whoever or whatever it was that forced me to miss my spin class must have been telling me that I needed more sleep and that I should have been exercising outside on this beautiful summer morning! 

Did you download the Mizuno app yet? 🙂


  1. I just got my bike out of the shop as well! Since then, it’s rained the entire time. 🙁 I haven’t made an actual smoothie in a long time….I need to get on that, especially with how good yours looks!

  2. Holy. So you’ve done 3 hours of exercise already today. I feel so guilty as I sit at my desk reading this as I work through lunch! You’re an inspiration, but do you have any tips on fitting it all in? Do you have a harder time making time for exercise when you’re in school? I find it so hard because I work nine hours a day and though I’m sitting at a desk all day, I am exhausted by the time I leave and sometimes can barely manage a walk!

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