Moving Comfort Vero Sports Bra – Review!

Last week I reviewed the shorts Brooks sent to me and you can find my wise words and opinions HERE. Brooks also sent me some of their sports bras to try including the “Vero.” Brooks sports bras are actually branded as the company “Moving Comfort” so when you look in your closet and think “WOW! My favourite sports bra isn’t Brooks, it’s an MVC,” well… guess again… that’s actually BROOKS! I did the same thing. My favourite sports bras are Champion and Moving Comfort. They are the ones that have never failed me and are ridiculously comfortable. 

I didn’t ease into wearing this sports bra either. I hadn’t done my laundry in a while and Brooks had just sent me some products to try so it was fate in the timing. I took it for a 20 mile test drive. Nothing says risk like running for three hours in a new outfit. Thankfully it held up well… pun intended. 

I like wearing padded sports bras and the Vero has just that. It also has really cool straps that can be easily adjusted AND CROSSED OVER to alter the style and fit! The top part (dark pink) is more like mesh material and is very breathable. The light pink part is so supportive and even though I don’t have much to support I can imagine it would work for most people up to about a D cup. There are a TON of colours you can order online too! I really liked the pink, plus it matches my FuelBelt for all of those times I’m never going to go running with my shirt off. 

If I can run for three hours in this bra and not experience ANY chaffing or need any adjustments, it’s a winner. Like the Champion bras, it is super comfortable to put on/take off and the straps don’t move around at all. I love it! 

I put one of my Moving Comfort bras to the test this morning when I did a 45-minute spin class and a 10 mile treadmill run at the gym. It was hot hot hot in the spin studio but my bra was awesome at moisture wicking! My face was a tad flushed after my workout. 

My legs felt pretty good when I woke up but when I started spin class it felt like I was pedalling through mud. I guess walking and running muscles are completely different than cycling muscles because I could barely get through the tough spin class! When my instructor was like, “Up a gear, give it your all!” I dialled that bad boy up to gear 2 and tried my hardest 😉 I just couldn’t get my legs pedalling fast and it felt really weird! 

Luckily, my running muscles felt great. I don’t know how that is possible but it is. I hit up the treadmill post-spin and had such a good run. I felt great and I just wanted to keep running. That whole “going to work” thing really gets in the way sometimes. I squeezed in 8 beautiful miles before I finished my water bottle and had to pee. I felt so good that I ran most of them at about an 8:06 min/mile pace. 

I had time for 2 cool down miles and then I reeeeeally had to go to work. Who needs to wear make up and do their hair for work anyway? 

It is suppose to be 30 degrees here today! I think our two weeks of summer for the year have finally arrived! I just want o be outside all the time! I am planning on running some trails tomorrow to see what that is like. My legs need a break from the pavement/treadmill and the trails are raved about by everyone so I wanted to see what the hype was about!

Any advice for running trails?!

What is YOUR favourite sports bra?


  1. I’ve really got into trail running this year. Lots of great trails in Edmonton and a few in St. Albert. I find the trails easier on the joints and they also seem to give a good leg workout.
    My only suggestion would be trail shoes, or at least something with some traction. I started by using my Newtons and they weren’t so good off-road. The Brooks PrueGrit so far seem to be great.
    – Shawn

  2. My favourite sports bra is lululemon tata tamer but I need to try others as these are getting old. Your long workout and your rush to get to work may explain why I had to clean up your breakfast dishes, etc. this morning. Good workout! You are crazy!

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