Pass the Mizuno Baton.

I have said it once and I will say it again… sleep is the best recovery ever. After running 18.2 miles yesterday and then working all day, I slept so soundly… I could practically feel my body recovering. I took it really easy today and went to the gym for some light cardio and strength training. I did back and butt exercises and I could certainly feel it when I left! After today’s non-running day I have a solid week of training coming up which means it is time to activate my new phone app. THE MIZUNO BATON.

You may or may not have heard of this incredible thing Mizuno is doing for the charity “Back on My Feet.” If you download this app, you can activate a baton and you have ONE WEEK to run as much or as little as you want and for each mile you run, Mizuno will donate $1 to the charity. How amazing is that! You obviously can’t drive around with it in your car and track 837516346 miles, but you can tackle some long runs and do some good while you’re at it!

If you would like to read more about the charity “Back on My Feet,” you can check out their website HERE. I think Mizuno does a really good job at getting people running for a good cause. Not only are they doing great things for this charity, but they are also inspiring people to get out and walk/run more and be active. You might not want to go for a 5 mile run but when it raises $5 it might be a little easier to step out the door.

Remember when Mizuno came out with THIS campaign a few months ago? This company is doing things right. I love it. I have a 20-miler on tap for this weekend and that means $20 to charity! The Mizuno Baton is open to all US and Canadian residents so pass it on and get running (or walking) for a good cause! The challenge is on until mid-August so there is plenty of time to get a decent week of mileage in!

For more information about this challenge, or in case you think it is too awesome to be real, check out the Mizuno website HERE! Have fun and get your app activated! Oh, and pass it on… it is a baton after all!

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post I just think the Mizuno Baton challenge is really neat!

Have YOU downloaded the app yet?

How do YOU run for a good cause?

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