Quinoa for breakfast… you heard me right.

After making my awesome quinoa and chickpea salad that I took for lunch every day for the past few days, I cooked up another big batch of quinoa. I decided I would try and incorporate quinoa into my breakfast. I have heard about lots of cool quinoa bowls with nuts, seeds, and berries, or even quinoa and greek yogurt, but I went old school. I used half oatmeal and half quinoa to add some texture and new taste to my usual hot bowl of oatmeal. 

I swear it was amazing. I had stored the quinoa in my fridge, plain, and simply cooked in water. I cooked the oatmeal like normal, with added whole flax seeds and cinnamon, and then when it was almost thick enough, I added the cold quinoa, a splash of soy milk, and then I stirred until mixed and heated. 

I was too scared to try JUST quinoa. I was going to just microwave some up and add soy milk and some nuts or berries but I chickened out and will slowly increase my quinoa to oatmeal ratio. This combo was really good. The quinoa gave the oats an added texture and a little boost of protein. I don’t know if I could handle cold quinoa, I’m not hipster enough, so I felt it was really delicious warm. There was no fibre shortage with the flax seed, oatmeal, and quinoa. So much goodness in one bowl. 

I don’t think there was any question as to what I was topping my quinoats with. Peanut butter. Natural. Crunchy. Nothing but the best. I also added some cold soy milk. Even with the added quinoa, the mixture had the same consistency as oatmeal, so you could make it as thick or as creamy or as thin as you wanted. I felt like it was a great alternative to plain oatmeal and I am always looking at ways to incorporate protein into my breakfast.

Yes, I took eleven photos of my bowl of quinoats (I am inventing this word to be cool and hipster). If you would like to view the other seven I would gladly email them to you to make a photo collage for your computer background. Peanut butter food porn is real people. 

Yesterday after work my mom and I drove down to my Aunt’s house in Airdrie, AB. We are on our way to Banff now! Normal people bring candy and chips and pretzels and fun stuff on road trips. The Murrays? We bring carrots. Nothing says fun times like road trip carrots?

I love travelling with my mom. Our adventure in Banff today was on our summer bucket list and I am really excited for it. We are walking from Canmore to Banff on the most gorgeous trail ever. It was the paved trail that my brother and I ran the Banff Half Marathon on. The distance from Canmore to Banff is almost exactly a half marathon. So, we are walking a marathon today. For fun.

I plan on taking lots of pictures of the mountains and trees and a ton of walking selfies. Recap of our adventure will be up tomorrow! I better fuel with some more quinoats 🙂


  1. Sounds and looks yummy! I have taken pre-cooked quinoa and heated it up in a fry pan with chopped peppers and then scrambled an egg into it. Also yummy! Okay, I REALLY envy you and your mum the walk between Banff and Canmore—what a beautiful way to spend a day! Enjoy!

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