Rain clouds followed me for three hours.

I knew it was going to be a pretty wet run. I woke up to rain, got dressed, ate my chocolate chip peanut butter Clif bar and banana, it started to rain harder… and I headed out the door. It wasn’t cold but I wore my rain jacket just so that my t-shirt and the waist band of my shorts stayed somewhat dry and chafe-free! I put on my new favourite running accessory – my beautiful pink Fuel Belt – and hit the very wet and muddy streets.

I stuck some Orange Blosson Honey Stinger Energy Chews in the pocket of the belt. I ate about 8 out of 11of them and finished both of my water bottles. I was proud of that accomplishment 😉 I just don’t feel like eating on the run… ever… so it is a struggle to force myself to get some calories in. Honey stingers are the best way to do it. Again, no stomach troubles with that dynamite breakfast. I am just amazed every time because usually digestion is my biggest issue on the run. It goes to show that you just have to keep trying different things until you find something that works for YOU. Don’t do something because it seems to work for “everyone else.” Find your best running routine and rock it out.

I wasn’t cold at all when I got home, I was just wet and couldn’t wait to peel my clothes off and shower. I knew that a chill was going to set in when I stopped running so I jumped in a hot shower as soon as possible. My mom asked why I was so quiet when I got home… I really didn’t have an answer. Usually I am jumping (figuratively, not literally after three hours of running) for joy after a 20 mile run but I think the rain just drained me!

I always send a map of my planned route to my parents. Just in case my mom wants to run it backwards and meet me or I die on the side of the road and I want someone to find me and pause my Garmin. I think I covered most of the city today.

20.52 miles. Three Jay & Dan podcasts. 8 Energy chews. 89% of the time it was raining. I think I could see blue sky the entire time but it never managed to find its way over to me.

I kept it nice and easy with the pace again. Right around 9:00 min/mile and I think I kept it pretty steady the whole time. The only time my pace dropped was when I ran up a HUGE hill that I have never run up before. It was a 7% incline, which doesn’t sound tough but it was. I stopped at the top for a sip of water and to glance over the cliff I had just run up. I find I get a bit faster as I go on long runs which is awesome. I will guarenteed feel better at mile 15 than at mile 5.

I tried to add today’s run to my Mizuno baton and it only counted 8 miles of it. Plus side = I tagged Mizuno in one of my Instagram posts and they show a few of them on their website. When I was checking it out last night to see how much their Baton campaign had raised I saw my face!

After my run I had to get to work pretty quickly but I made sure to make time for some PB & J french toast. My brother introduced me to this combination and there is no looking back. Try it. Carbs (bread and jam), protein (eggs), and healthy fats (peanut butter). It’s a winner!

Only one more super long run before the Edmonton Marathon. Next week I drop down a few miles and then I have a 22 miler. After that it is taper time! I don’t know how that snuck up so fast. I am glad that I am finding things that work for me for my long runs. Not getting nervous about long runs is a huge deal! I kind of enjoy the slow and steady pace and a few hours to myself. I didn’t expect to be running for three hours in the rain in July but it is Alberta and you never really know what to expect!

Now that my long run was done on Saturday instead of Sunday I am pretty sure I will now treat tomorrow like Monday and be confused for a solid week 😉

Tell me about your weekend running plans! Or just your weekend plans which obviously aren’t as fun as running in the rain for three hours! 🙂