Running with the flow on vacation.

I have tried to run like I was at home while on vacation but I think now I have simply accepted that that is not going to happen. I haven’t done ANY strength training, my stretching has been slacking, and I haven’t run as fast or as far as I have wanted to… and that’s OK. I am on vacation and though I am still technically “training” for the Edmonton Marathon at the end of the summer, I am enjoying not being super stressed out about working out and getting in 2+ hours per day of exercise/running/training. PLUS I have had the chance to run/walk with my mom more in the past week than I have in the past 6 months!

I had a great 8 mile run on Canada Day. Yesterday I set out for a long-ish 10 miles and I felt like my legs were made of lead. It was nice and sunny out (finally) and I was mentally ready to have a great run but my body was not. I could barely keep up a 9:00 min/mile pace and wanted to stop and walk… I never want to stop and walk! When I turned the corner into the wind I just accepted that it wasn’t going to be my fastest run but I had unlimited time to myself, running injury-free in the sun, and how could I ever ask for anything more? I made it 10.07 miles with an average pace of 8:52 min/mile. I was just so happy to be done. 

This morning would typically be my speed work day but considering I am running a half marathon on Sunday in Calgary, and my mom was getting ready to go for her run at the same time as me, and I am on vacation… I cut the mileage I had planned to do down, called off the speed work, and set off with my mom in the gorgeous sunshine. We ran 5 miles at an average pace of 8:42 min/mile and then walked 2.27 more. It was already 16 degrees when we woke up and that is a fast pace for my mom! I felt great and I told her we would sprint the last 0.1 mile of our run. I made it up to 5:40 min/mile and my mom wasn’t far behind me! 

Guess what made an appearance for the first time this year today… THE RUNSIE. BAM. Fabulous as ever.


My dad had a fun little birthday party last night with all of the fam-jam. He went golfing all afternoon with my brother and his parents and then we had a lovely dinner and cake when he got home. 

Can’t decide between carrot cake and ice cream cake? HAVE BOTH. My dad looooooooves carrot cake (more than his second born child) but my grandma is celiac so we had an ice-cream cake too. My dad also loves chocolate ice-cream so it was perfect.

Best sight at the dessert table. Costco fresh fruit is da bomb. 

My mom found tons of old and new pictures of my dad over his 50 years and they were adorable. He has two brothers and a sister and the old pictures of them as children were so cute. I didn’t even recognize the pictures of my dad in his 20s. Check out the one on the top right, two photos down. 

My mom gave my dad a trip to Europe for his 50th birthday… obviously I wasn’t happy that I wasn’t invited. #bitchface


I am loving running with my mom and it has been kind of great not really knowing what my daily workouts will be. Even though I miss going to the gym and I reeeeeally miss strength training, vacations are just that… a break from routine and a chance to switch it up. Normally I am super OCD about training plans and my daily runs but running 5 miles with my mom and chatting about everything under the sun is better than running 10 miles alone and attempting to do speed work on busy Winnipeg streets. I am excited to return to my normal routine on Tuesday but for now I am happy with the randomness that is my current running situation. 

I have tried to eat fairly healthy while on vacation. My grandparents have all bought me crazy amounts of vegetables and fruit. I have had some treats and definitely dipped 80% of my strawberries in the extra cream cheese icing from the carrot cake last night. It is hard to stay healthy and go out and eat at restaurants almost every day or even enjoy endless backyard BBQs  but it is possible and there are always healthy options. Speaking of healthy options… should I get an extra large or an extra extra large peanut butter sundae at the Bridge Drive-In today? 

What is your BEST tip for staying active on vacation? 

I am not getting exactly the same mileage as I would be at home but it is close and I am happy taking a vacation from ridiculous speak workouts and tempo runs 🙂 Staying active on vacation requires flexibility, adaptation, and just like your vacation, it should be fun and relaxing. Plus, you may see a super cool bird’s nest when you are running slower than normal!

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  1. I think you are doing pretty good for your workouts on vacation! All that party food is making me hungry. 😀 That is so neat that you found a little bird’s nest on your run!

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