Summer Workout Playlist!

My mom and I went for a 70 km bike ride yesterday morning. I had the day off and we headed out on a not-so-busy highway. We were planning on checking out some running trails that are a little drive from where we live but we got 3 km away from the parking lot and it turned into a gravel road. We’ll have to drive out there one day. On the way there I punctured my tire… that was fun. I was exhausted after our bike ride so in the afternoon I crawled into bed and watched one of my all-time favourite movies (I have probably said that about other movies before but oh well)… FOOTLOOSE. I just love it. Whenever I watch the movie I just want to dance. 

I actually prefer the 2011 remake because I think Miles Teller is hot. Don’t tell my mom because she has a weird obsession with Kevin Bacon. I don’t get it. 

FYI: The scene where Ren is teaching Willard how to dance is the absolute best. How he looks when he is first learning how to dance is how I look when I dance. I guess that is why they tell you to dance like no one is watching. 

The movie inspired me to put some new tunes on my iPod so I could dance like no one was watching me on my summer runs. In the morning when I run and there is no one else around I sing along to my music… and dance. When will dancing while you workout at the gym become socially acceptable? I tend to make my playlists an hour long (except my marathon one which is 4 hours!) so here are 15 fabulous songs to rock your summer running and gym dancing

One of my favourites right now is Pompeii by Bastille. It is so catchy and has a pretty good beat after the intro. It is not super fast so if you want a speedy running song I would try and find one with a faster beat, but it is great for easy runs, cycling, and dancing. When people sing with accents it is also really awesome. 

NOT on the playlist (honestly, because I just thought about it right now), but an old song that has been incredible during my strength workouts is Let’s Go by Trick Daddy. Major pump up song. I stole it from my brother and he makes great workout playlists so you know it is good. I would definitely use this song as a hill climb song in spin class too! If you are doing bicep curls to this song I guarantee you will do more reps than you ever have before. 

I have been running and exercising a lot without music lately. By “a lot” I mean about 23% of the time, but that is a lot for a girl who normally has headphones in 100% of the time. Sometimes it just feels good to be running with no music and no sound except my feet hitting the pavement and the sound of my breathing. I think this playlist will be the perfect way to get some awesome workouts, especially at the gym… and work on my dancing skills. 

Current favourite workout song? What is on YOUR summer playlist?


  1. Act a fool remix which I stole from you! I love it! It makes me feel like such a BA at the gym!

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