Three bike rides a day keeps the doctor away.

I AM BACK AT SPIN! That required bolding because I am very excited. For some reason I thought the summer spin session started last week but because it was Canada day, Tuesday morning spin classes started yesterday! The instructor who teaches the class came by my work on Monday night and asked if she would see me in the morning and I couldn’t disappoint. I registered approximately 3 minutes before the first class started. Nothing like last minute decisions! 5:45 am spin classes sure wake you up! It felt great being back on the bike and with all of the early morning spin peeps. It is an express class so it was 45 minutes long.  

After spin class I hopped on the treadmill for 8 sloooooow miles. It felt like I was running for hours and hours. I wasn’t concerned at all about pace today and just wanted to get my legs back running after Sunday’s half marathon. My shift was cut short at work yesterday so I had the entire afternoon off and it was a gorgeous sunny day and 30 degrees Celsius. I convinced my brother to go for a bike ride with me to check out St. Albert’s outdoor gym.

It was a lot bigger than the one in Carman but had a lot of the same stuff. Leg press, air walker, elliptical, chest press (as seen above), Captain’s chair, pushup and chin up bars, and other random equipment. We only stayed for a few minutes because we had our cycling clip shoes on and there were a few children playing around on the equipment… and they were laughing at my push-ups. 

We continued on the riverside path and came to Big Lake. So sunny and gorgeous. We texted my mom from this point and told her to meet us at Starbucks. I told her we’d be 5 minutes but apparently we can’t bike 74 mph and it took us a little closer to 20 to get there. It may have been 30 degrees but it didn’t feel too bad when we were biking. 

Starbucks tastes amazing on a hot day. Iced americano that I drank way too fast. I was so thirsty and the water we brought on our bikes was a tad warm. Sitting in Starbucks in your clip cycling shoes is super classy. It looked like I was walking in ski boots or something! 

My mom and brother got their first frappuccinos of the season! I don’t think I drink anything other than iced americanos and iced unsweetened passion tea from Starbucks in the summer. I used to work there for four years so I know what goes into all of the other drinks 😉 My mom gets a brain freeze EVERY time she drinks slushy drinks. Instead of comforting her I took a picture, obviously. 

We headed home and sat in the sun and tanned burned. Delicious BBQ’d vegetables for dinner and then my dad and I set out for another bike ride… yes, my third of the day. He just got Garmin speed and cadence sensors for his bike that he wanted to test out so we did a 25 km bike ride to see how they were! My mom pointed out that I had already biked twice and probably didn’t need a third one.

We rode around the town and I noticed that on the hills my back gear won’t shift down to the last (easiest) four gears. I’ll have to take it in tomorrow and get it checked but that meant I had to climb the hills in a hard gear. Just buildin’ leg muscle.

If I wear my heart rate monitor when I bike, the “Calories burned” is super accurate but when I don’t wear it my watch assumes that I am running and bases the numbers off of that. I like wearing the HR monitor on the bike so I can compare my cycling effort to running effort but I was just too lazy yesterday. Three bike rides (and one run) and I am pretty sure I fell asleep before my head hit the pillow last night. Fresh air and sunshine does wonders. Now you will get to hear how awesome spin class is EVERY Tuesday!

What is your favourite refreshing drink in the summer? (Starbucks or otherwise!!)

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