Tour De L’Alberta 2014.

I wrote “2014” in the title because I can guarantee I will be doing this event again. I had such a fun day participating in the Tour De L’Alberta. I have never biked that far in my life and I couldn’t think of a more perfect way to do it. I also loved that I could share the experience with my dad! 

My dad signed up to ride the 150 km distance and that meant he started an hour before me. We got there at about 7:30 am and there were a few people who were gearing up to go. I hate waiting so it was kind of terrible waiting an hour and a half to start my ride but I survived. 

In case you can’t see my dad’s jersey, he purchased this year’s Tour De L’Alberta cycling jersey and it is so cool. The only picture I have of the awesome jersey is of a random guy. The towns listed on the jersey are all french towns that the Tour cycles through. The announcer was even speaking half french when he was talking. 

I got to watch the 100+ people take off on their 150 km ride!

I stood around, watched more and more people arrive, and took pictures of my baby. Before I knew it, we were getting ready to go!

I really loved the start of the tour. There are so many people and you are all cycling together, pulling each other along, and getting into your own rhythm. I was smiling so hard, it was just the coolest feeling. I was passing people, people were passing me and it was just neat to be riding with lots of people. I passed on the first aid station because I had enough water to get me to the second. I had to wait for A TRAIN with a bunch of other people so that was a momentum sucker but we got back up to speed soon after. 

I stopped at the second aid station which was the ‘lunch station’ at about 45 km. I had half of a veggie wrap, some orange slices and some watermelon. I refilled my water with mostly water and a splash of gatorade. I only stopped at one other station and had some more oranges and a handful of trail mix. 

After the lunch aid station I was alone riding. Lots of people stopped for a bit of a break but I wanted to get going again. I was never completely alone because I could always see someone ahead or behind me but I wanted the feeling of riding with a crowd back! I would occasionally pass someone and a few times someone passed me. We travelled on highways for the whole tour and they were pretty good cycling roads!

The total distance was 102 km and my riding time was 3:38:42. I had an average speed of 28 km/h and I was pretty happy! There were a few crazy fast people who got to the finish super speedy but I was probably in the top 20%. It definitely wasn’t a race and it wasn’t timed or anything (all of my speed/distance came from my Garmin). EVERYONE could enjoy this race. You could try your hardest and cycle with every ounce you had or you could take it easy, enjoy the aid stops, and make friends along the way. I kind of liked that it wasn’t timed because there was no competitive atmosphere at all!

My dad came in just over an hour after I did. He did amazing! He is always so fast! I thought about joining him for the 150km ride last night but then this morning decided against it. This week alone I had walked, run, and cycled 200 km! Please pretend I am not squinting like crazy in this photo.

After we had changed our shoes and put our bikes back onto the roof racks, we went inside the community centre for the post-ride meal. There was salad, buns, pasta, stroganoff, fruit, and desserts. I took as much greek salad as my plate would allow because I love it so very much. I’m glad they left their pasta sauce vegetarian!

I am already hungry again.

Such a fun day and even though we didn’t bike together my dad and I got to bond and enjoy the day with each other. I hope now that my dad knows I can bike almost as fast as him we can go on long cycles together! It is nice to have company on a ride! I am proud of my first metric century ride and I will for sure be doing this event again! It wasn’t competitive and it seemed like everyone had a great day. The weather was perfect and although my pink skin might say otherwise, the sun was great to see after a few days of pouring rain! I fall in love with cycling more and more each time I get on my bike… I will be using every ounce of summer to run and cycle as much as possible!

If you want to check out the Tour De L’Alberta, go HERE!

Have you ever done a cycle tour? What was your favourite part?

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