What I learned from my first cycle tour.

I had such a fun day yesterday riding my first metric century. The atmosphere of group riding was amazing and the weather was insanely perfect. After our post-ride meal we came home and showered and pretty much did as little as possible for the rest of the night! The sun and the ride really wiped us! I took it as the perfect opportunity to re-watch “Pitch Perfect.” It was a great day spent with one of my faves.

I always forget to put on sunscreen because it is winter 10 months of the year here so I got a bit of colour. My Garmin tan is sure coming along.

Can you tell where my cycling shorts come to?

I showed off my lovely tan burn lines at the gym this morning. I started by walking on the treadmill and slowly working up to a slow run. And I mean slow. My legs were tired but it felt good to get them going just a little bit and loosen them up. I wasn’t sore in any specific place, just tired. Cycling is SO MUCH less impact compared to running because if I had RUN for almost four hours yesterday I wouldn’t have been on the treadmill at the gym this morning! I did 50 minutes of arm strength training as well… why are shoulder presses so hard?


I really did love the Tour de L’Alberta yesterday. As competitive as I am, I liked that the event wasn’t timed and it was all about enjoying the little towns we stopped in along the way, getting out and riding, and taking advantage of the gorgeous Alberta scenery on a lovely summer day. Don’t get me wrong, I liked when I pulled into one of the aid stations and the lady said, “You must be going fast, you guys are some of the first ones here!” but I enjoyed not setting a goal and exploring new roads on my bike. I also learned a few things. 

  1. Eating and drinking is a lot easier when I am cycling and not running. I mixed Gatorade and water at every aid station and not once did I feel sick. 
  2. I love the feeling of lactic acid in my quads. Pumping hard to pass someone or trying my hardest not to lose speed or cadence up a hill was one of the best feelings. 
  3. Drafting is a real. Take advantage. But also don’t be that person that is always drafting off of a group – have your turn at the front. You can literally feel yourself being pulled when you are in or behind a group and it is awesome. The last half of the ride wasn’t as fast for me because I was mostly alone!

4. Cycle touring is a great way to see places. I would have never visited those little towns just north of my city without the Tour De L’Alberta. They are adorable, small, and so welcoming! I didn’t even know Alberta had bilingual towns but all of the stop signs in Legal, AB were in french! Biking is not as fast as driving but that only means you get to see more of the places you go. Cycling is faster than running so you don’t have to spend 10 hours running and it is a lot less impact on your body! 

5. I love cycling more and more each time I do it. I am so happy that I bought my bike last winter!

6. My butt is going to get sore no matter what. There is no cure and no way around it. The hardest part is mentally telling yourself that sitting on a hard, tiny seat is going to be fun. 

7. Cycle touring is just as addicting as running races. After I had showered and recovered from the tour, I was instantly looking up more events like the Tour! I discovered THIS one that I immediately showed my dad. Two months cycling across Canada – now THAT is the way to see our great country! Does anybody want to join me?! 

It is suppose to be hot hot hot this week! I will be getting my runs in early to beat the heat! Or I will just hop back on my bike for some more cycling 😉

Do YOU have some funky tan lines?

Has anyone ever done a cycle tour? Even a bike tour on vacation?


  1. That’s a very nice bike! I’m glad to hear you had so much fun. I think I’d like to try doing that one day but to be honest, street cycling just makes me nervous! I bike the flat bike/run trail here in the area and I’m comfortable with that. 🙂

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