Adventures back in Banff National Park!

There are some views that just don’t get old… this is one of them. I have a couple of days off before heading back to work and then diving straight into school, so when my aunt offered up some free nights in Canmore my mom and I took full advantage. We headed down to Banff National Park yesterday morning after a short and easy gym workout. 

When we got to Banff it was early afternoon and we parked our car and busted out our running shoes. No, we definitely didn’t go running, but we did go on a little walk to the Bow River Falls. In all of the years that my mom has been coming to Banff she has never gone on the little walk to the falls! There were lots of tourists on this little path but it was gorgeous all the same.

The river was SO turquoise! It was such an amazing colour and it was beautiful! There were a few stairs on this path and we both felt them in our quads and calves. It reminded us just how hard we worked on Sunday, so we weren’t upset about it 😉 My mom ran faster than she ever has before so her quads were aching, and every time we descended stairs my calves were screaming! Luckily it was only about 3 miles total!

The weather forecast said it was only suppose to be about 20 degrees in the afternoon in Banff but when we got there it was smokin’ hot! I stripped down in the middle of the parking lot to put shorts on instead of pants and I am so glad I did. We were sweating just walking to the Falls!

We went to a cute little Mexican place for a super early dinner after our walk because we were both starving! My mom and dad went to this restaurant when they were in Banff on their anniversary weekend in January so we knew it would be good. We split some tortilla chips and salsa for an appetizer and then shared the veggie quesadillas and the vegetarian enchilada. They were both really delicious and we practically inhaled them!

I guess my dinner conversation was not stimulating enough. My dinner date got bored.

If you aren’t eating at Nourish in Banff, definitely check this place out! It is super cute, really tasty, definitely filling, and I tried both hot sauces and if you like things HOT, they are amazing! We both left the restaurant stuffed!

We walked slowly back to our vehicle and let our stomachs digest a bit. We grabbed our hoodies and walked to the Banff Canoe Club. I wanted to rent a canoe and head up the river but then we saw the cruiser bikes for rent. YES PLEASE. We wanted a little leisure workout post-dinner and before we headed back to Canmore to check into our hotel and this was the PERFECT choice.

It was SO fun. I had never ridden a cruiser before and it was incredible. It is such a different biking experience than road cycling or mountain biking. You don’t get a sore butt from the uncomfortable seat, you can sit back and enjoy the ride so much more. It has one gear so you can’t bike hard and it is just so damn relaxing! DON’T FREAK OUT DAD, I took my helmet off ONLY for the photos. I actually wore it the whole time because I figured this would be the one time I fell off my bike and cracked my skull open. Safety first, people.

We rented the bikes for an hour and they gave us about 20 extra minutes on them so we spend about 75 minutes total riding. We headed out to Vermillion Lakes and then continued onto Legacy Trail until it reached Bow Valley Parkway and ended. There were a couple of rolling hills which were actually extremely hard with one-gear cruisers. We saw a few serious road cyclists and I am pretty sure they were laughing at us trying to ride these cruisers on the trail. Oh well, we had a blast. I couldn’t stop smiling, it was really fun and so relaxing! We were both hooked and completely convinced that we each needed a bike like that. My cousin Mackenzie got one in the summer and now that I have ridden one, I am REALLY jealous of hers!

After our lovely bike ride around Banff, we returned the bikes to the Canoe Club and then drove back to Canmore to check into our hotel. We got some solid rest and took the rest of the evening super easy at the hotel because today we are hiking around Lake Louise! On our drive back to the hotel last night we saw this cute (and really big) guy on the side of the highway! 

Favourite type of cuisine? Mexican is definitely up there for me, I love the spice! I do could eat salsa straight from the jar.

Have you ever ridden a cruiser? I’m officially addicted.


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