Cousin time and guilty treadmill running.

I was happy to only be working 8 hours yesterday! My relatives are here from Manitoba and have hardly had any time to see them! We made sure to fix that yesterday and we went to West Edmonton Mall! I have only been on the rides there when I was really young but I am always down for some roller coasters. My cousin Jackson loves them and no one else would go on with him so they waited for me to be off work to go to Galaxyland. Just takin’ one for the team. I wasn’t more excited than all of the seven-year olds there or anything…

The biggest roller coaster was really fun but actually super painful. My cousin and I were convinced we were going to be battered and bruised after that one. I love the loops and going upside-down on roller coasters though so we had to go on it! My favourite ride was the one that swings back and forth AND spins around. My mom was scared just watching us?

I may or may not have wanted to vomit after this ride and for the rest of our time in the amusement park but it was worth it. I highly recommend going to this place in the middle of the week around dinner time because there are NO LINES. In the slingshot ride I was literally the only one on it. My cousin wasn’t a fan of the stomach-in-your-throat dropping rides so I solo’d it. 

He is 8 years younger than me but could out game me any day in about 0.3 seconds. As could his brother who is 10 years younger than me. It’s embarrassing. Oh, and my brother was there so we had some awesome cousin bonding time!

The games didn’t end there and we played some board games after dinner. One of the games is called “Smart Ass,” a couple of words that could describe pretty much all of us who played. We also watched a thunderstorm. My brother asked many questions about what would happen if you got hit by lightning. I remembered THIS story from Runner’s World a few weeks ago, so I told him if he was as tough as that Canadian, he would survive without question. A man was hit by lightning MID-RACE and went on to win third place. In a 100 mile race. What? How? What?

This morning I hit the gym for a run and some strength training. I should have run outside because it was pretty gorgeous and not crazy hot yet, but I didn’t. I felt kind of guilty ignoring the beautiful running weather but when one of my major gym crushes hopped on the treadmill beside me, the guilt magically disappeared. We ran and talked for a while and I ran a couple of extra fast miles with him there for motivation.

I did an 8 mile progression run with a mile of cool down. I like that during a progression run the warmup is kind of part of the workout. I enjoy starting slow and then as I warm up, running faster and faster. I started around 9:00 min/mile and worked down to 7:54 min/mile. After my run I did 10 minutes of the Stairmaster and 30 minutes of leg strength training. Squats, lunges, calf raises, hamstring curls, leg press… all of that fun stuff! Leg day is the best. Time for some more work and then some more cousin time!

Are YOU a roller coaster fan? 

What is your favourite strength training day? 

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  1. Sometimes hanging out with your gym crush is worth missing the outdoors for 😉 Those roller coasters look super fun! I love big rides like that, but I haven’t been to an amusement park in a few years, which I need to fix ASAP haha. I love upper body work, but my shoulder’s injured so it’s on hold for a little bit. Thank goodness I can still run though 🙂 Have fun with your cousins!

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