I was finally accepted as a cyclist.

I am finally a member of my dad’s exclusive Saturday morning cycling club. We got to ride together this morning and it was great! I mapped out a few options for routes, sent them to my dad, we decided how long and how far we would go, and then we were off! I snuck in a 4 mile run when I woke up to try and stick to a somewhat regular training schedule for the Edmonton marathon. When I got home from my run I changed into cycling gear, had some breakfast and we were off!

We did about 76 km at about a speed of 27 km/h. I think I was slowing him down but he would never say anything if I was. It was an uneventful ride with no flats or bike issues! We got to chat when the shoulder was wide enough to ride side-by-side and then other times I became the Drafting Queen and hid from the wind behind him.

Our route was a nice big loop that covered a few highways that we rode on on the Tour. There was only a bit of traffic but nothing crazy. It was fun! The weather was awesome this morning and the breeze and our speed kept up cool. Well, kept me cool, my dad gets warm very easily on the bike so it probably felt hot to him! We tried out Gu Brew this morning for our hydration and it was good. I had the lemon lime flavour. Delicious. 

I am excited to get some more cycling in with my dad before he goes to Europe in September! I like that riding with faster people makes me work hard and try and bike as fast as them!———————————————————————————
When my brother got a shirt sent to him from Champion, my mom got a little jealous. Since Brooks gave me a couple of bras to try, I figured I would give her one to try. Plus, I love brownie points.

You can find my Moving Comfort Vero bra review HERE, but I think my mom was even more enthusiastic than me when she talked about her bra. She loves the colour blue, and anything free, so it was a recipe for success. The bra she got to wear was the Moving Comfort Jubralee. I am always skeptical with unpadded bras, as is my mom, so she went in expecting it to be a try-it-once-and-hand-it-back-to-Kris experience.

My mom has done yoga in this bra, AND gone running. I am pretty sure running is the ultimate test for sports bras. Either it works or it doesn’t. The first thing my mom pointed out was that is was really comfortable. She did some yoga and core work and said it was great. She absolutely LOVED the velcro adjustable straps. Being able to adjust in the front was genius. Instead of fighting with it, turning it around, or having those metal adjustment pieces in your back, it was super easy to find a comfortable fit without having to move the bra around. 

One thing to note about the bra is that it fits small. That is actually one of the major comments in the online reviews. Try to find somewhere you can try this bra on because you might have to go up a size. 

The second major comment my mom made was when she was eating her breakfast after her run (not having showered of course because we loved to be graced with the presence of her glistening skin that doesn’t smell terrible at all) she noticed that she didn’t get a chill. Normally her sports bra is wet with sweat and gets cold when she stops exercising but the Jubralee didn’t get wet, wicked moisture like a champ, and kept her dry. She didn’t get that awful cold wet bra feeling and she loved it!

You can check out more information about the bra HERE. Most people online recommend this bra for running, walking, or the gym. The most liked aspects were the fit, the comfort, and the support. A few of the negatives were the sizing (it fits small) and the lack of underwire. My mom found that as long as you have the size that works for you, not necessarily what size you are used to wearing, it is a great bra. She really liked that the bra wasn’t soaked with sweat and didn’t get cold and clammy after working out… yes, I gagged when she told me that too. 

If you want to check out MY current favourite sports bra, you can find it HERE

What is the BEST thing you will be doing this August long weekend?!

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